2023 Schedule Where to Watch

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2023 Season Schedule

Mar 17th - Mar 19th
Miami Beach Open
Apr 14th - Apr 16th
New Orleans Open
May 19th - May 21st
Huntington Beach Open
Jun 9th - Jun 11th
Virginia Beach Open
Jun 30th - Jul 2nd
Denver Open
Jul 7th - Jul 9th
Hermosa Beach Open
Jul 7th - Jul 9th
Waupaca Open
Aug 4th - Aug 6th
Atlanta Open
Aug 18th - Aug 20th
Manhattan Beach Open
Sep 1st - Sep 3rd
Chicago Open
Sep 22nd - Sep 23rd
The Championships
Oct 13th - Oct 15th
Laguna Beach Open

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Since 1983, the AVP has been the gold standard for beach volleyball. From youth players to world-class pros, the AVP provides opportunities for all athletes to play, with a relentless effort to grow the sport on a national scale.

Together, as athletes and fans, near and far, online and on the sand, we are the greatest beach volleyball community in the world.