AVPNext is the official developmental program of the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour, hosting events for elite amateur athletes to earn bids into the prestigious AVP Pro Tour Main Draw.



Become an AVP Member
  • Semi-Professional events for all ages
  • $20,000+ tournament purses
  • Earn direct bids to AVP Pro Tour events
  • Amateur events for athletes under 26 years old
  • No tournament purse but AAA-level points earned
  • Earn direct bids to AVP Pro Tour events

To find more AVP sanctioned events at the amateur level, visit and sign-up with AVP America

In the 2019 season, there will be six AVPNext Gold events and two AVPNext U26 tournaments throughout the nation, giving all beach athletes an opportunity to develop their skills and earn a chance to compete against the best pros in the world at one of the Pro Tour’s marquee SoCal events.  Along with the chance the earn a Main Draw bid, every certified AVPNext event will give athletes AVP points to climb the rankings and make to the pros.  Sign up to compete and learn more about these events, including prize money, bid-earning opportunities and eligibility stipulations regarding rank and age, below.

Learn how AVPNext lines up with the rest of the #AVPFamily’s programs here.




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