AVP Champions Cup Series FAQs

Get all your questions about AVP's new condensed season answered.


Why did the AVP have to cancel the 2020 tour schedule and make events fan-less?

Due to the regulations put in place by local public health and government officials because of COVID-19, the AVP leadership team was forced to make the difficult decision to suspend all fan-attended events for the 2020 season.


Couldn’t the AVP have just moved the events to October and November, allowing the same schedule & fans to attend?

With the suspension of our 2020 AVP Pro events, it allowed the AVP leaderships team to focus on a contingency plan of alternative programming that allowed athletes to play in the summer of 2020, and our fans to support sooner rather than later through a safe platform.  AVP is proud to be one of the first professional sports, for women and men, back in the US after a nation-wide hiatus from sports.


If I live in SoCal, can I still watch the events in Long Beach from a safe distance?

Unfortunately, fan-attended events are not allowed in the state of CA at this time. This series will be run behind closed doors to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The entire show can be streamed live on Amazon Prime Video and select matches can be seen on NBC throughout the series.


Because fans cannot attend, where can we watch these events?

The entire 2020 CHAMPIONS CUP SERIES can be streamed live on Amazon Prime Video on two courts of non-stop action, and select matches can be seen on NBC throughout the series.


I purchased VIP tickets to one (or multiple) of the events in the 2020 tour schedule. How do I get my money back because they are fan-less?

All ticket holders will be automatically fully refunded for any tickets purchased for the 2020 season before July 3rd. For any questions or issues please contact tickets@avp.com.


Will the 2021 season return to a full schedule and tour throughout the US?

As of now, it is AVP’s plan to execute a full, traveling tour in 2021.


Since the fans can’t be there in person, is there any way to let the athletes know we are supporting the athletes & cheering them on?

Yes! The athletes will be missing you on the sand with them but let them know you’re watching and supporting by sharing your thoughts & videos of home-viewing parties, cheers, and messages on social media by tagging @AVPBeach and using the hashtag #AVPChampionsCup. You may just see your post on Amazon Prime Video, NBC, or AVP.com!


How did the impact of COVID-19 affect AVP’s leadership’s decisions on this new series?

With the global pandemic, like other professional sports and businesses, the AVP leadership team was forced to make difficult decisions. However, it was important to the AVP that they find an alternative solution for 2020 and bring beach volleyball to athletes, fans, and partners.  The AVP explored a variety of options, getting creative and throwing different ideas at a wall to see what would stick, in order to find a program that was safe and the gold standard of beach volleyball — which gave us the AVP Champions Cup, Presented by Acer.


How is the AVP protecting its athletes and staff from COVID-19? What protocols are being put in place?

The AVP is working on a partnership with a reputable medical organization to facilitate and manage all Covid-19 testing. This company will help the AVP execute the necessary procedures and precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff and athletes.


Why is the field so small per event? Only 8 teams in the Main Draw and 12 teams in the Qualifier?

Unfortunately, the regulations put in place by local public health and government officials was a factor in the format of the AVP Champions Cup Series.


Has the calculation of AVP points & rankings changed in any way for this 2020 series?  How are the teams decided?

The top teams based on AVP rankings after the registration deadline will be admitted to all three events within the Champions Cup Series. AVP points will not be altered for teams after each event and no new teams can be entered into the following event.


Will the AVP rankings of the teams in the Champions Cup Series alter between each event?

Yes.  After the first event, seeding will be calculated via the seed index method. Seed index is the average finishing position of the team- hence a lower seed index will award a higher ranking. If there are teams that are tied via the seed index, tie-breakers after the first event will be the teams’ initial entry point totals for the Champions Cup Series.  Tie-breakers after the second event will be the following (in this order): 1) Higher most recent finish, 2) Head-to-head result in the second event, 3) Higher set ratio in the second event, and 4) Higher point ratio in the second event.


If AVP points are not altered after each event in this series, how will AVP points change leading into the 2021 season?

Because this is a specialty event series and the Main Draw is only 8 teams per event, no AVP points will be awarded to teams/individuals for these events in the AVP Champions Cup and these events will not count towards an athlete’s all-time victory count.


I know there are three Cups with three separate champions per gender, how does the “Race to the Champions Cup” work? How is that calculated?

In order for a team to be eligible for the Champions Cup and their slice of the bonus prize purse, they must compete in all three events as a team. Following all three events, each team’s overall ranking will be calculated by the seed index method to decide the top team per gender, who will be awarded the 2020 Champions Cup and $25K per gender.  The second best team will secure the Silver Cup and $15K per gender, and the third best team will be awarded the Bronze Cup and $10K per gender.


What happens if there is a tie in the overall ranking between teams in the “Race to the Champions Cup?”

The following will be used to break two-way ties in the overall seed index (and in this order): 1) Head-to-head results throughout the series, including Qualifier matches, 2) Head-to-head set ratio, and 3) Head-to-head point ratio. If there are no head-to-head matchups, then 1) The higher result between the teams at the final event, 2) The team with a higher finishing position at either the first or second event, 3) Overall series set ratio, and 4) Overall series point ratio.

If teams are in a three-way tie, the tie-breaker is the higher result in the final event.


Because the field is so small, how is the AVP providing opportunities for the other athletes at the pro level and beyond?

The Pro Tour season has been condensed but there are other events and competitions within AVP’s umbrella that athletes can participate in, including AVPNext Gold events and AVPNext Gold Plus events. Learn more here. Also, for the AVP Champions Cup Series, the prize purse per event will be paid out through the Qualifiers, instead of just the Main Draw teams like traditional AVP events.