The AVP’s ESG Commitment


The AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) has brought the world the best in professional beach volleyball for 40 years. Founded upon the natural treasure of coastal beaches, we are nothing without the environments in which we play and the people with whom we work and entertain. It is our responsibility to define and uphold our accountability to both, and to operate with transparency in all that we do.


  1. Prioritize gender equity in professional sports.
  2. Embrace diversity and inclusion.
  3. Leave the beach better than we found it.
  4. Always seek ways to improve.


Gender Equity
The AVP must blaze the trail for equity in professional sports.

Because of the overwhelming number of young women that play volleyball, our responsibility is to provide a meaningful shift in representation in sports. Equity means flipping the paradigm in which men have been first on the marquee by default. Our women athletes are featured first in brackets and bios, represented equitably in marketing messaging, and hold the premier time slots in tournament play. Our efforts extend into our staffing and leadership, including our affiliated photographers and videographers, broadcast partners, and volunteers.

Diversity and Inclusion

The AVP and beach volleyball are for everyone.

The AVP celebrates and supports every person without distinction to ability, race, creed, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other distinction or individual definition of self. The AVP will work diligently to remove barriers to inclusion in spectating, participating in, working for, or working with the AVP. We do not engage with organizations or persons that do not share in the protection and celebration of human rights, and will terminate partnerships with any persons or businesses who do not share our Diversity and Inclusion values. We will strive to make our events and communications accessible to persons of all abilities, regardless of physical and intellectual challenges and limitations.

Environmental Stewardship
The AVP aims to be exceptional stewards of the beaches and natural landscapes on which we play. 

Through every era, every player, every vendor, and every fan– the beach has been our stage and our venue. Our events have a significant impact on the environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that our environmental impact is temporary.

  • We commit to working with our vendors and resources, as well as local environmental and municipal bodies, to remove all waste, returning the beach to public use in better condition than we found it before event setup, following every event, every time.
  • We are committed to reducing the distribution of single-use food and beverage containers at our events wherever possible.
  • We will provide ample, well-identified collection points for all waste produced at our events.
  • We commit to providing reminders and notifications to all participants of our events that each person is responsible for utilizing the trash and recycling receptacles provided, and to encourage them to reduce waste wherever possible.
  • We commit to partnering with local organizations to audit our impact and cleanup efforts and to recommend areas of improvement to continue lessening our impact.


Practice Makes Progress.
The AVP views our ESG practices and policies as a starting point. Our policies and the efforts of our executives, athletes, employees, partners, and participants will be continually oriented toward improvement. We ask for your participation in this practice.

The AVP as an organization, and our individual leaders, welcome your input. To provide feedback or to start a conversation please contact us at contact@AVP.com.



Last Updated: May 12, 2023