2020 Champions Cup Series – Wilson Cup

Seeding for the Wilson Cup will be calculated via the seed index method.

Seed index is the average finishing position of the team within the series and hence a lower seed index will award a higher ranking.

Any ties in the seed index after the Monster Hydro Cup are broken by the team’s initial series entry point totals.



Player 01 Player 02 Team
Name IND Name IND Total Tournament Seed
Nick Lucena1Phil Dalhausser12Main Draw1
Taylor Crabb2Jake Gibb24Main Draw2
Chase Budinger3Chaim Schalk36Main Draw3
Trevor Crabb3Tri Bourne36Main Draw4
Casey Patterson5Theo Brunner510Main Draw5
Jeremy Casebeer5John Hyden510Main Draw6
Stafford Slick7Billy Allen714QualificationQ1
Ed Ratledge7Skylar Delsol714QualificationQ2
Reid Priddy9David Lee918QualificationQ3
Andy Benesh9Eric Beranek918QualificationQ4
Miles Evans11Ricardo Santos1122QualificationQ5
Troy Field11Tim Bomgren1122QualificationQ6
Ty Loomis11Miles Partain1122QualificationQ7
Ryan Doherty15Avery Drost1530QualificationQ8
Maddison McKibbin15Riley McKibbin1530QualificationQ9
Roberto Rodriguez15Piotr Marciniak1530QualificationQ10
Michael Brunsting15Chase Frishman1530QualificationQ11
Bill Kolinske11Mark Burik1930QualificationQ12
Duncan Budinger19Paul Lotman1938Reserve
Steven Roschitz19Peter Connole1938Reserve
Adam Roberts19Ian Satterfield1938Reserve
Bruno Amorim1919Reserve
Sean Rosenthal 1111
Player 01 Player 02 Team
Name IND Name IND Total Tournament Seed
Alix Klineman1April Ross12Main Draw1
Sara Hughes2Brandie Wilkerson24Main Draw2
Sarah Pavan3Melissa Humana-Paredes36Main Draw3
Kelly Claes3Sarah Sponcil36Main Draw4
Kelley Kolinske5Emily Stockman510Main Draw5
Crissy Jones5Traci Callahan510Main Draw6
Emily Day7Lauren Fendrick714QualificationQ1
Kelly Reeves9Terese Cannon918QualificationQ2
Mackenzie Ponnet9Sheila Shaw918QualificationQ3
Amanda Dowdy11Susannah Muno1122QualificationQ4
Kimberly Hildreth11Sarah Schermerhorn1122QualificationQ5
Corinne Quiggle11Allie Wheeler1122QualificationQ6
Katie Spieler11Delaney Knudsen Mewhirter1122QualificationQ7
Jace Pardon7Emily Hartong1926QualificationQ8
Molly Turner15Katie Hogan1530QualificationQ9
Kim DiCello15Kendra VanZwieten1530QualificationQ10
Lane Carico15Karolina Marciniak1530QualificationQ11
Carly Wopat15Brittany Tiegs1530QualificationQ12
Kim Smith19Alexa Strange1938Reserve
Megan Kraft19Delaynie Maple1938Reserve
Morgan Martin19Iya Lindahl1938Reserve
Geena Urango1919Reserve
Karissa Cook 77