2019 Road To Hawaii

Win the event, hoist the trophy, and stamp your ticket to the Hawaii Open, presented by Hawaii Tourism!

This year’s Hawaii Open will be a 16-team Main Draw (per gender) and while it’s an Open tournament with a full Qualifier on Thursday, automatic bids are not just based on points. It’s about winning tournaments and finishing strong.

Which teams have secured their ticket to the Hawaii Open?






Along with the above tournament winners, the Main Draw will be made up of:

6 Entries based on the best 2 of 3 AVP Gold Series Results
2 Wild Card Entries, given by the AVP
4 Entries from the Thursday Qualifiers

If any team in the Gold Series standings has already claimed an entry from winning one of the listed tournaments, that automatic bid will be given to the next team based on the Gold Series standings. Also, Wild Card entries are up to the discretion of the AVP and if no Wild Cards are given, then additional automatic bids will be given based on Gold Series standings.

Where do the teams stand in the Gold Series standings?

The below teams have qualified for a spot into the Main Draw. As you notice, a couple teams are listed as To Be Determined, as they are pending based on any Wild Card selections that may or may not be granted. If a team chooses not to accept their earned spot, the next eligible team in Gold Series standings will move into the Main Draw.

Any ties in the Gold Series standings were broken by the following policy:

– If teams are tied in their best 2 of 3 Gold Series total, the higher 3rd Gold Series result as a team will be used to break the tie
– If teams remain to be tied, then the team with the higher current AVP Ranking will be used to break tie

Entry and seeding for the 24 on-site Qualification Tournament positions (per gender) will be based on AVP Rankings when registration closes, as per usual. Seeding for the Main Draw positions after the Qualification Tournament is completed will be based on AVP Rankings.

Player 01 Player 02 Event #1 Event #2 Event #3 Points*
Phil DalhausserNick Lucena1650118814083058 - QUALIFIED
Taylor CrabbJake Gibb1188016502838 - QUALIFIED
Chase BudingerCasey Patterson990140811882596 - QUALIFIED
Tim BomgrenTroy Field14089904182398 - QUALIFIED
Jeremy CasebeerChaim Schalk99099011882178 - QUALIFIED
Maddison McKibbinRiley McKibbin3306609901650 - QUALIFIED
Eric BeranekBilly Kolinske011884181606 - QUALIFIED
Ryan DohertyMiles Evans08146601474 - QUALIFIED
Billy AllenStafford Slick81406601474 - QUALIFIED
Avery DrostChase Frishman08145281342 - QUALIFIED
Tri BourneTrevor Crabb81400814 - WILD CARD
Reid PriddyRicardo Santos0000 - WILD CARD
Player 01 Player 02 Event #1 Event #2 Event #3 Points*
Alix KlinemanApril Ross1650140816503300 - QUALIFIED
Melissa Humana-ParedesSarah Pavan016509902640 - QUALIFIED
Kelly ClaesSarah Sponcil1408011882596 - QUALIFIED
Emily DayBetsi Flint99099014082398 - QUALIFIED
Sara HughesBrandie Wilkerson0118811882376 - QUALIFIED
Kelley LarsenEmily Stockman118808142002 - QUALIFIED
Karissa CookJace Pardon9905289901980 - QUALIFIED
Caitlin LedouxMaria Clara Salgado09906601650 - QUALIFIED
Terese CannonKelly Reeves011884181606 - QUALIFIED
Amanda DowdyCorinne Quiggle5286608141474 - QUALIFIED
Brittany HowardMolly Turner08146601474 - QUALIFIED
Kimberly HildrethSarah Schermerhorn5286606601320 - QUALIFIED