The AVP teams up with the King of the Court series to present:

Waikiki, HI
September 14th
Congrats to our Hawaii Kings & Queens.
Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb
Emily Stockman and Kelley Larsen
Huntington Beach, CA
September 22nd & 23rd
Congrats to our Huntington Kings & Queens.
Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb
Alix Klineman and April Ross

The King of the Court series brings back the fast-paced match play the athletes have grown up on- more action, more excitement for the fans and the chance for the athletes to be named the King or Queen of the Court.

  • Your favorite AVP athletes will be taking on the world on their home turf, fighting for their slice of the $75,000 purse.
  • The Group Phase (Pools) for both the men and women will be on Saturday and the Semifinals & Finals will be on Sunday.
  • Admission will be FREE but you can purchase VIP tickets here.
  • Follow along and watch every point with AVP’s FREE livestream.
  • Learn about the King of the Court rules here.
  • Along with the new match play and world-class volleyball, fans can enjoy the entire AVP experience with Sponsor Village, beats by DJ Roueche, the Kona Brewing Oasis and more.

Here is the prize money breakdown for both events:

King/Queen of the Court: $15,000
2nd: $10,000
3rd: $7,500.00
4th: $6,000
5th: $5,000
6th: $4,000
7th (two teams): $3,000
9th (two teams): $2,500
11th (two teams): $2,000
13th (four teams): $1,500
17th (four teams): $1,000
Longest stay on the King Side: $2,500