Eleven Ways The AVP Family Is Staying Fit

We’re all looking to tone up after our second serving (or third, no judgment) from the weekend and get back into the workout groove. Look no further than the AVP family. 

Earlier in the year, we did a 6-Day Home Workout Challege on Facebook Live. Jen Kessy and Casey Patterson got their kids involved while Emily Stockman, April Ross, and Camryn Irwin had legit circuit training. And don’t forget to check out Mark Schuermann’s and my 52-Card Workout. But proceed with caution – we did 91 burpees. 

But before you go, get inspired by these eleven AVP family members. They have all the fitness wisdom and technique, offering everything from actual workouts to more… creative ways to stay in shape.

Who needs weights? Sarah Sponcil lifts her sister and mom to get those gainz.

Riley and Maddison McKibbin do partner Beer Yoga (sip… ahhhhhh) three times a week to stay limber. 

Just kidding… this picture was taken while they competed on THE AMAZING RACE!! And while I’m sure they’re still doing this – because it’s fun partner bonding plus drinking and exercise – this is actually a super old picture. I just can’t get over how they’re on the show and doing soooo well. And I totally think they’re gonna win it. And OMG, it’s so fun. You have to start watching.

Emily Day gets a brutal booty burn hiking in Bryce National Park AND doesn’t derail her nutrition game by bringing Athletic Greens powder on the trails. 

Taylor Crabb is hoping to absorb some of his coach Rich Lamborne’s strength through osmosis. So they’re just chillin’ in a meadow. 

Meanwhile, all Rich does is lift, so it’s actually a pretty good plan. 

Corinne Quiggle is activity incarnate. She cross-trains while satisfying her adventurous side by surfing, flipping, and jumping off cliffs.

Miles Evans chops wood to get that definition. 

It doesn’t matter if Emily Stockman is on vacation in Mexico or in the middle of AVP season – she’s gonna get her workout in.

Mark Schuermann has been getting some fresh air and working on his handicap in the original socially distanced sport. 

Trevor Crabb prioritizes hydration by taking long breaks on a Swiss ball while drinking a Monster Hydro (link to the appropriate location). 

Even Betsi Flint, while 32 weeks pregnant, is hitting the (garage) gym with her husband Chase so she can get back on the sand in 2021.