15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Played Beach Volleyball

From the screen to the runway, these celebrities really are a triple threat… they can entertain, they’ve found fame and fortune, and they can play beach volleyball. Whether they qualify for AVP or not, you can decide.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

When Leo isn’t throwing a “Great Gatsby” level party on his yacht, you can catch him in Malibu playing a little beach volley with his friends. If you somehow missed him taking a volleyball to the face like a champ earlier this summer, you need to relive the goodness ASAP. 


2. The Backstreet Boys

“Tell me whyyy” the Backstreet Boys could be skilled enough to play with the pros? We’re not sure, but the beloved band dominated the iHeart Summer volleyball tournament a couple years back. Obviously, they’ve mastered the dance moves and the volleyball moves.

3. Alessandra Ambrosio

Although a pick-up game on the beach isn’t exactly the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Alessandra has proved she can still rock a stylish bikini while playing volleyball. We wouldn’t expect anything else from this statuesque beauty who was born and raised in Brazil.

4. Ansel Elgort

The Baby Driver star is officially part of the “in” crowd. How do we know? Leo recruited him for his weekly Malibu volleyball match! Every teen girl dreams of Ansel devoting as much focus and attention to her as he did during this game

5. Josh Hutcherson

He survived the Hunger Games, he lived through District 12, and best of all, he’s a beach volleyball fan! That’s right— Josh put together a celebrity “Battle on the Beach” match with former NFL star, Terrell Owens. Also participating? Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos!

6. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx was spotted getting his volley game on with girlfriend, Katie Holmes. The two are notoriously private, but we’re guessing that part of his appeal might be the groundbreaking ‘tackle’ technique he brings on the sand. That’s a new one for us, Jamie.

7. Katrina Bowden

Katrina’s 30 Rock character, Cerie, definitely did not have as great of a serve as the one that the actress showcased at the iHeart Summer Celeb Volleyball Tournament in 2017. You be the judge: does Katrina truly belong on AVP, not IMDB?

8. Robin Thicke

Thicke has been known to play a little beach volleyball. Last year he was spotted playing with girlfriend, April Love Geary. With his eyes glued to the ball, it doesn’t look like Thicke is suffering from any blurred lines during this game.

9. Robert Griffin III

No, beach volleyball isn’t the team sport that Griffin is known for, but even without his Baltimore Ravens teammates, the pro can get his game on. After tying the knot with Grete Sadeiko in Miami Beach last year, he went straight to the sand to get competitive with his lady.

10. Charlize Theron

Forget strutting down the red carpet— Charlize has some impressive moves on the volleyball court. Now if we could just get her a pro-level ball from our friends at Wilson, maybe she’ll be AVP-ready.

11. Molly Sims

Actress and model, Molly Sims, has a deep love for beach volleyball. In fact, she attempted to qualify for an AVP event in Huntington Beach back in 2006!

12. Prince Harry

Forget the crown, the only piece of gold Prince Harry needs is the Gold Series trophy. When he was in Central America, he made time to get out on the sand with the locals.

13. Leanne Rimes

We haven’t had a country music star cross over to the AVP (yet!) but LeAnne could be the first. She and her hubby, Eddie Cibrian,  have been spotted showing off their skills at the net in Newport Beach.

14. Stephanie Pratt

Family life with Spencer may be difficult for Stephanie, but it looks like she knows that there’s nothing like a heated game of beach volleyball to forget your troubles. On this occasion, however, she also learned that a strapless swimsuit may not be the best pro uniform.

15. Stephen Curry

Chase Budinger may not be the last NBA player to transition to the AVP. Steph Curry has been known to treat the basketball like a volleyball, and he looks pretty good doing it too. We might have his younger sister, Sydel to thank— she played on the Elon University volleyball team.