2022 AVP Phoenix Championships Preview: Everything You Need to Know


We’re a few days out from the Phoenix Championships, and I can hardly wait. Fourteen matches between the AVP’s top teams. Let’s get into the brass tacks of the tourney first. Later this week, I’ll go into the 12 duos who will fight it out for that Championship moniker.


Teams qualified for the Phoenix Championships through their best 2 of 3 finishes in the Gold Series Events, Atlanta, Manhattan Beach, and Chicago. Though the AVP reserved two Wild Card spots, no Wild Cards were given. There was one substitution that we’ll get to in a second. The Top Two seeds secured a bye into the Semifinals.


#1 Tri Bourne/Trevor Crabb
#2 Theo Brunner/Cahim Schalk
#3 Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander
#4 Paul Lotman/Miles Partain
#5 Phil Dalhausser/Casey Patterson
#6 Chase Budinger/Troy Field


#1 Sara Hughes/Kelley Kolinske
#2 Terese Cannon/Sarah Sponcil
#3 Kelly Cheng/Betsi Flint
#4 Taryn Kloth/Kristen Nuss
#5 Geena Urango/Julia Scoles
#6 Zana Muno/Sarah Pavan

The last team is the one where a substitution was used. Zana Muno qualified for Phoenix with Brandie Wilkerson with a 3rd in both Atlanta and Manhattan Beach. Brandie cannot make Phoenix due to her international tournament in Paris the following weekend. Zana was granted the substitution and picked up fellow Canadian Sarah Pavan. Sarah doesn’t have the same restriction as she won’t be attending the Paris tournament; she and her international partner Melissa Humana-Paredes ended their partnership a few weeks ago.


Phoenix will be single elimination, BUT every place will be played out. That way, every team gets at least two matches in Phoenix, even if they lose both. Which means you, as fans, can see every team compete at least twice. You’re welcome.

The schedule will proceed as follows:

Friday, September 23

Match 1: 6pm – Women’s 5v4 = Scoles/Urango vs Kloth/Nuss
Match 2: 7pm – Women’s 6v3 = Muno/Pavan vs Flint/Chen
Match 3: 8pm – Men’s 5v4 = Dalhausser/Patterson vs Lotman/Partain
Match 4: 9pm – Men’s 6v3 = Field/Budinger vs Sander/Ta. Crabb
*Notice the Top 2 Seeds don’t play on Friday

Saturday, September 24

Match 5: 10am – Women’s Semi #1 = Hughes/Kolinske vs Winner of Match 1
Match 6: 11am – Women’s Semi #2 = Sponcil/Cannon vs Winner of Match 2
Match 7: 12pm – Men’s Semi #1 = Crabb/Bourne vs Winner of Match 3
Match 8: 1pm – Men’s Semi #2 = Schalk/Brunner vs Winner of Match 4

There are currently no times associated with the rest of the matches, most likely because many will go over an hour. Just know each match will be played 10 minutes after the finish of the previous. Aka, don’t make any plans from 10am-10pm Mountain Time on Saturday.

Match 9: Women’s 5th Place = Loser of Match 1 vs. Loser of Match 2
Match 10: Men’s 5th Place = Loser of Match 3 vs. Loser of Match 4
*Winners earn 5th place; Losers get 6th place

Match 11: Women’s 3rd Place = Loser of Match 5 vs. Loser of Match 6
Match 12: Men’s 3rd Place = 5pm – Loser of Match 7 vs. Loser of Match 8
*Winners earn 3rd place; Losers get 4th place

Match 13: Women’s Finals = Winner of Match 5 vs. Winner of Match 6
Match 14: Men’s Finals = Winner of Match 7 vs. Winner of Match 8
*Winners earn 1st place; Losers get 2nd place


For the first time in a long time, we’re playing an AVP indoors! Every match will occur on Stadium Court at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ. Yes, this is where the NBA’s Phoenix Suns play. So yes, there is plenty of room for you to come to Phoenix. And you won’t be dying in the Phoenix heat.


Friday, September 23 from 6pm – 10pm
Saturday, September 24 from 10am – 10pm


Because having the best of the best battle to be the 2022 AVP Champion on one court in an epic arena is as close to a humane Gladiator brawl as we’re gonna get. Because these teams have been clawing their way to this big-money event all year. Their success stands apart, and they’ve earned a spot in this unique and extra fun Championship. And because the stakes of the Gold Series were even higher, making each match of the last three tournaments extra meaningful.

But mostly the first one.


There are still tickets to see all the action in person! If you can’t make the trip, we’ll be live on YouTube, as usual, all weekend. Now all you need to do is cancel your plans for Friday and Saturday night.

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