Photography allows us to capture a moment in time that would otherwise become a fleeting memory. It is through photos that some of the most compelling stories in history have been told. The sixth installment of our After The Sand Has Settled series features the favorite photos of AVP athlete Emily Stockman.


After winning our semi-final in Austin. WE GOIN TO THE SHIP!! 


Why not hug after you win the first set during AVP Austin Finals!!


Oh you’re running line? I’ll hit cross 😜 


I can dig it, can you dig it?


After Kim gets a HUGE block and I don’t have to do anything! 


We had a solid performance in Gstaad and also had time to goof around in the beautiful Swiss Alps. 


The scoop and cutty put away. NYC 


In NYC after they called us “the fittest” team on tour ☺️ 


Adventure buddies in between tournaments. Ripping through the Colorado Rockies. 


Winning our first ever FIVB in Malaysia. Left us hungry for more medals.