Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.


Photography allows us to capture a moment in time that would otherwise become a fleeting memory. It is through photos that some of the most compelling stories in history have been told. The fourth installment of our After The Sand Has Settled series features the favorite photos of AVP athlete Kelly Reeves.



Mid game in Huntington Beach and thinking, “Am I really the only one in full bikini right now?” #IsItThatFreezingOut



Jen Fopma watching me dig. 



Jen Fopma watching me dig again.



Jen Fopma, Kendra VanZwieten, & Karolina Marciniak watching me dig. 



Don’t worry Jen Fopma, I got it! 



That one time Jen Fopma made the most EPIC one arm stab on a trickler serve, but didn’t count because we were in the freeze. Veteran mistake.



No! I don’t watch Game of Thrones for the thousandth time, SORRY!



he exact thought process in this photo: “It’s my turn to serve or is it Jen’s? Wait, did we sideout for the point or were we already serving? Are we in set 1 or 2? Damn, I’m winded right now.”



The moment you realize that you totally blew your assignment on defense when we literally just discussed in the time out… “DON’T get beat by Betsi’s short.” Cool.



Jen Fopma fired UP after a big block in San Fran, meanwhile I’m daydreaming , considering jumping into the Jump Zone… “How high up is that thing?”



No matter the situation, whether it’s the high or lows, we always gucci. #Gucci