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Tickets, tickets, tickets! AVP tickets are almost out! Can’t stop using exclamation points because we’re selling tickets for this season’s fan-attended tournaments! Yay! 

Before we start releasing tickets THIS FRIDAY, June 25th, we’re giving you all the details so you’re ready to purchase once those bad boys drop. 

More will continue to be added here, so check back in anytime you have a question or want more information.

When are the 2021 AVP Pro Tour tickets being released? 

Two-part answer: 

AVP Members will have exclusive EARLY ACCESS on Friday, June 25th, at 10am PDT. However, this early access is only granted to members in the ‘Gold’ or ‘Fan’ tier.  Silver, Bronze, and Basic will NOT be granted access. 

Non-AVP Members and the rest of the general public will have access on Tuesday, June 29th, at 10am PDT. 

Where do I go to buy tickets? 

Click here.  

How do I become an AVP Member to get early access to AVP tickets? Which AVP membership will allow early access?

Easy! Click here to sign up for an AVP membership, and select the ‘Gold’ or ‘Fan’ tier..  

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND becoming an AVP Gold Member if you want 2021 tickets (and so does Austin Powers). These events are low-capacity, and there is a chance some ticket options will be sold out within the first day of being released to the AVP Member base. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so secure your membership today! 

Will there be free General Admission or are you required to purchase a ticket to attend the events?

The Gold Series Manhattan Beach Open and Gold Series Chicago Open will have free GA like previous AVP events (although Stadium access will be limited). However, the Gold Series Atlanta Open will have NO FREE GA and require every attendee to have a purchased ticket.

How do I know if I’m a member? Or, if I am a member, how do I know if I need to renew or not? 

If you think you may be an AVP member or know you’re already a member, you can log in with your same log-in information here. Once logged in, your membership Account Settings page will appear and clearly outline your membership tier (Gold, Fan, Silver, Bronze, or Basic) and expiration date.  

If your membership is expired or expiring soon, simply hit the ‘Renew’ button below it and complete the process.  If you are currently in the Basic, Bronze, or Silver tier and want the “members-only” ticket access, hit the ‘Upgrade’ button and complete the process.

If you believe you have a membership but cannot successfully log in, you can reset your password and gain access by selecting the ‘Forgot Password?’ prompt on the log-in page.

How many tickets will be available for each event? 

Ticket amounts will differ in each city. Numbers in most venues are more limited than in years past so my advice – right when tickets drop, go to the event you want to attend the most and buy tickets. 

What are the ticket options – General Admission, VIP, etc.? 

Complete event information with pricing, options, etc. will be released for AVP Members on Friday, June 25th, and to the general public on Tuesday, June 29th. As in previous years, there will be extensive VIP areas like Club AVP, Cabanas, and Courtside Boxes. In addition, the Gold Series Atlanta Open will offer some unique ticket offerings that will be further detailed when ticket sales go live. 

When attending an event, will there time slots for tickets or does one ticket allow you admission all day? 

Tickets will remain valid all day, like previous AVP events. However, the only exception is a night session-only ticket option (can’t wait to play under the lights) in Atlanta. 

How will I receive my AVP tickets once I have purchased them? 

You’ll receive your purchased tickets via emailed QR code. Once you arrive at the event, you’ll visit the box office to scan that QR code. Then proceed to the courts, and you get to watch beach volleyball in real life. Oh, the bliss. 

Can you tell me any more about these three events? 

Yes! But you have to wait until Friday (if you’re a member) or Tuesday (if you’re not). Event pages with full details will be released when ticket sales are live. 

Where will the three Gold Series AVP events be located? 

Venue locations will be released with full event details when you are able to purchase a ticket.

Will we know what the venue looks like before we get there? 

Yes! AVP venue diagrams will be released when ticket sales are live.

Will AVP members get discounts on tickets like in previous years? 

Because seating and ticket options are limited, there will be no discounts offered this year for the 2021 AVP Pro Tour events.

Do I need to provide a negative Covid-19 test to attend an AVP Gold Series event?


Do I need to be vaccinated to attend an AVP Gold Series event? 


If you have any questions I didn’t get to, please reach out to tickets@avp.com

We at the AVP are endlessly grateful for you fans. Your support, patience, and love for our Tour are what keeps this sport alive and fresh and the best there is. We absolutely, positively cannot wait to see you back on our beach.

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