AVP America Rumbles Through Pennsylvania


2019 is set to be a momentous year for AVP America in our efforts to promote and grow the outdoor volleyball scene nationwide! AVP America has officially signed on 130 organizations nationwide and we are projected to sanction over 2,000 events this year. We enter this year putting our full effort into encompassing all varieties of outdoor volleyball and are making significant headway in uniting the entire sport.  

Grass volleyball has a following of devoted players and organizers who will now be a part of the AVP’s grassroots movement! AVP America is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Pottstown Rumble, The Susquehanna Smash, The Allegheny Bash and East Coast Volleyball!  These groups are among the largest grass volleyball organizations in the country, and are now offering grass players something that has never been done in the history of the sport. All AVP America organizations, including grass, will now receive AVP Ranking Points, a National Ranking, and the ability to participate in the National Grand Prix Structure—uniting volleyball players across the country!



Held this year on June 21-23, 2019, the Pottstown Rumble is the largest doubles grass volleyball tournament in the country and is an all-volunteer effort, from the tournament director to their incredible volunteer base, it is truly a player’s tournament, run by players.  

The Rumble started in 1991 with 40 nets, one field and a small group of volleyball-playing friends who tried their hands at hosting a tournament. The one-day event has now turned into three full days of premier grass volleyball, boasting 215 nets across four fields, over 4,000+ players, and $28,000 in cash prizes! The Pottstown Rumble also has on-site physical therapists, masseuses and EMTs in order to ensure the comfort and safety of the players.  

“The size of the Pottstown Rumble has grown every year since its inception and partnering with AVP America allows us to give back to all of our players, so they can be part of the first-ever National Grass Ranking System and Grand Prix Prize Program, through an already established and highly reputable organization. We feel it’s another way to look out for all grass players,” said Ken Kaas, one of the Rumble’s Founding Fathers.  



Grass volleyball is more or less a brotherhood and bringing on the “little brother” to the Pottstown Rumble is nothing to squawk at. The Susquehanna Smash, in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster, PA, is also one of the premier grass volleyball tournaments in the country.  With over 1,000 teams in 2018 and growing each year, the Smash has become a must-play event each summer! The Smash has a reputation for having the best playing surface in all of grass volleyball, not to mention great prizes and cash payouts for both the Men’s and Women’s Pro levels. Because of the success of the Smash, the Allegheny Bash was established in Pittsburgh, PA. The Allegheny Bash, in its 2nd year, is expected to continue growing and become another premier destination event for players nationwide.  

The longstanding East Coast Volleyball (“ECV”) has been serving the volleyball community for decades. Specializing in doubles/quads grass volleyball tournaments, ECV proudly presents a yearly summer tournament series, featuring approximately 10 events. ECV continually draws thousands of players from across the nation to create competitive events in a fun environment.  

At the core of ECV’s success is the ability to attract both the region’s top players, as well as the area’s recreational teams. Whether playing for top cash prizes, or just competing for fun with family and friends, ECV welcomes all that love the sport.  


With visions fully aligned, these powerhouse groups are all coming together for the players, the love of the sport, and the shared passion to continue growing the game. Our grassroots efforts in uniting outdoor volleyball will result in larger, happier and stronger volleyball communities nationwide.   

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