What Are AVP Athletes Up To This Offseason?

AVP athletes have been busy since the 2021 season ended in September. Here’s a collection of our favorite Instagram posts since then. Click on each photo to be linked back to the original post!


April Ross is properly celebrating her 2021 success with family in Montana.

Alix Klineman is planning her wedding and playing Maid of Honor in another. Love is in the air!

Tri Bourne isn’t missing a beat.

Sarah Pavan is putting up her Christmas decorations early. #approve. Also – please go watch this video. It made me laugh so hard.

Our newest AVP athlete and Olympic hopeful – indoor standout Taylor Sander – is teaming up with Taylor Crabb and earning an impressive 9th place in the final FIVB of the season. Stoked to see this team on our beach next year.

The other half of that new duo – Taylor Crabb – is working on his golf swing at the FSU charity golf tourney put on by Brooke Niles and Nick Lucena.

Kelly Claes is also planning a wedding to her coach Jordan Cheng! Congrats!

Casey Patterson is passing along his volleyball knowledge to the next generation.

Troy Field is growing a questionable mustache and giving stuff away.

Kristen Nuss & Taryn Kloth are giving off incredible Hallmark movie vibes at the Raleigh, NC Christmas Tree Lighting.

Emily Stockman is literally all over the place. She’s basically been traveling since the last ball dropped in Chicago.

Riley McKibbin and Maddison McKibbin are posting some really fun 4s footage from their recent tourney in Austin. Highly recommend watching some of their YouTube content. You’ll see some of your favorite AVP athletes in action!

Allie Wheeler is in the best place in the world – Tahoe, California – with family and her boyfriend Connor Reeves (who, yes, is Kelly Reeves’s brother).