AVP Awards 2019

You may have seen the posts from your favorite AVP athletes, or maybe you saw it from the official AVP account as you scrolled through your Instagram feed Saturday night, but the secret is out and the 2019 AVP Awards have been released.

Saturday’s athlete and staff banquet in Newport Beach was a night of fun, remembrance, celebration, and gratitude. DJ Roueche brought the party while the athletes & staff let their hair down to enjoy a night where their only worry was whether or not they were going to get the Pokey Award for ‘Most Extra on Tour.’

Although some moments and Pokey Awards are reserved for the safe space of the people in that room, we can share the official announcement of the 2019 Awards with you.

Award recipients were decided based on the majority of votes among the AVP athletes.

Best Server: Betsi Flint and Jeremy Casebeer

Both these athletes led their opponents with the most aces this season, combining for 198 aces between the two of them. If you saw Casebeer ripping them in Seattle or Flint dropping her deadly float serve in Hermosa Beach, you understand why they deserve these awards.

Best Blocker: Alix Klineman and Phil Dalhausser

Yes, it helps to be tall, but even that doesn’t mean this award is a gimme. Klineman and Dalhausser proved they signed, sealed, and delivered at the net, combining for 204 blocks this season. Phil, we know you hate the “Monster Block” cheer, but if you keep blocking like you did this season, the fans will continue to sing.

Best Defender: Melissa Humana-Paredes and Taylor Crabb

These two were digging like it was their job… well, we guess it kinda is 😝. Humana-Paredes tallied 355 digs this season, and Taylor Crabb secured his 4th straight title in this category with 437 digs.

Best Offensive Athlete: April Ross and Phil Dalhausser

These two rarely got served and that’s a clear sign their offensive game is a threat to their opponents. What’s their solution? Go over on two and still take home the award for the Best Offensive Player on tour.

Most Improved Athlete: Jace Pardon and Chase Budinger

2019 will go down in history for these two athletes! Pardon earned her first-ever tournament win at the Austin Open and Budinger secured his first title at the Hermosa Open, a big factor in earning each of them the title of Most Improved Athlete.

Rookie of the Year: Sarah Schermerhorn and Miles Partain

These two were new kids on the block this season, but their names are now known and their opponents can no longer sleep on them. With breakout performances at the Austin Open for Schermerhorn and The Championships for Partain, these two were clearly our Rookies of the Year.

Newcomer of the Year: Melissa Humana-Paredes and David Lee

Theses pros are new to the AVP circuit but not new to the game, and THAT was made crystal clear this season with Humana-Paredes earning the 2019 Manhattan Beach Open trophy (plus, a few other titles) and Lee having a breakout performance at the Hermosa Open.

Team of the Year: April Ross & Alix Klineman and Jake Gibb & Taylor Crabb

We will just let their stats speak for themselves. Ross and Klineman reached 5 of 5 finals this season, and walked away with three of the trophies. Gibb and Taylor Crabb made 2019 all about them when they secured HALF of the season’s trophies (four in total).

MVP: April Ross and Taylor Crabb

It makes sense that one member of each Team of the Year rightly takes home the 2019 MVP award too. Ross and Taylor Crabb did just that and we know the fans are all about it. Enough said.