AVP & CBVA Partnership

Fountain Valley, Calif. – The Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), the world’s premier beach volleyball organization, is thrilled to announce a new groundbreaking partnership and alliance with the California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA), a non-profit California Corporation that has nurtured, sponsored, and promoted beach volleyball since 1962. The CBVA is synonymous with beach volleyball and is integral in developing the fast-growing sport of beach volleyball from the grassroots level. In 2020, the CBVA will conduct more than 200 days of events, including adult and junior events, incorporating all levels of play on 21 beaches in 14 cities along the California Coast. 

This new venture will commence at CBVA’s junior kickoff event on February 8, 2020. 

In 2019 alone, AVP and AVP America (AVP’s amateur branch that focuses on growing the sport at the grassroots level throughout the US) teamed up with Pottstown Rumble, Seaside Beach Volleyball, Waupaca Boatride, East End Volleyball, Great American Volleyball, Volleyball of the Rockies, Dig the Beach Volleyball Tour and Texas Volleyball Tour – to name a few. Adding the prestigious CBVA to this already established list, furthers the AVP brand’s pledge to build on its grassroots initiatives through the growth of junior and adult programs as a commitment to the past, present and future of the sport.

“The AVP grassroots initiative has always been one of the highest priorities within our business portfolio,” said Donald Sun, CEO. “We continue to collaborate with elite partners across North America who share the same core values which enables all of us to promote the health and longevity of outdoor volleyball.  AVP and CBVA have both enjoyed rich histories within the sport of beach volleyball, and it is a momentous day that our two brands have finally come together with the common goal to further enhance the participatory opportunities of our beautiful sport in California.”

“The CBVA is proud of their continued role in being a feeder program to the burgeoning college level beach volleyball programs as well as providing their membership the training ground for the dream of being able to compete at the highest level in the AVP Professional Tour” said Chris Brown, CBVA President. “Our organization has a long history of supporting the AVP and look forward to being a complement to the AVP vision along with being in sync with the AVP America national grassroots movement.”

AVP America continues to blaze the trail of the grassroots world, solidifying their vision of enhancing the growth of volleyball (indoor, beach, snow, grass, etc.) by providing unparalleled benefits to both players, and organizations.  From the new promoter just starting out to the seasoned veterans hosting tournaments or leagues, AVP America strives to empower each organization and has embraced the lifestyle of the weekend warrior and the recreational league player, junior players to open players, on all surfaces. To date, AVP America encompasses 185 participating organizations, more than 38,000 players and 2,000 events nationwide.


Most importantly, what does this mean for the participants?  


Q: Do I get AVP points for playing in CBVA events?

A: YES! Starting February 8th, all of the 2020 events within the CBVA junior and adult calendars will now fall under the AVP America umbrella and allow you to earn those coveted AVP points, entering you into the nationwide AVP ranking system and the AVP America Grand Prix Programs. 


Q: What other opportunities will be new for athletes?

A: For aspiring pros, CBVA will host two AVPNext Gold events, awarding Wild Card spots into the AVP Hermosa Beach Open and the AVP Gold Series, Manhattan Beach. Additionally, juniors will earn bids to the AVP America Nationals in New Jersey, the AVP America West Coast Championship in Southern California and the AVP America East Coast Championships in Florida. Recreational level adults will also earn travel stipends towards the AVP America Adult Nationals.


Q: What is needed to play in a CBVA event?

A: Simple. An annual CBVA Membership.


Q: How much is a CBVA Membership?

A: $35 for the annual CBVA Membership, but that will now also include an AVP Membership. Meaning you’ll get two memberships for only $35 a year, allowing you to enjoy the many wonderful membership benefits from both organizations. 


Q: What if I already have an AVP Membership?

A: No problem. If you are already an AVP Member at the time you register for a 2020 CBVA Membership, your current AVP Membership will be extended an additional year from its current expiration date at no additional cost.