Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

It Wouldn’t Be an AVP Tournament Without…

If you’ve ever been to an AVP tournament, you know to expect the unexpected. Every year, there’s some shocking turn of events that either leaves the #1 seed going home early or sends an unranked team into the finals. With all of the chaos of the typical tournament, it’s nice to have a few things you can always count on. This got us thinking… 

What are some of the moments you see at every AVP tournament, without fail? 

In the Crowd


The “overserved” fan.

It happens every year. While the athletes are spiking balls, the fans are spiking their drinks. In general, everyone keeps it pretty mellow for a relaxing day in the sun. BUT there’s always that one fan who ends up taking their heckling to the next level. And if you notice a refreshing silence from them, chances are they’re taking a quick power nap.

Sleep it off and try again tomorrow, bud. 


The diehards

They say to arrive at least 15 minutes early before any performance if you want a good seat. 

The only problem is… 15 minutes early is about 45 minutes too late at the AVP. 

Every year, the diehards arrive in droves at least an hour before the first match of the day in order to claim their stake— and they’re not hard to miss. Umbrellas, beach towels, matching shirts and lots of noise are the signature marks of the diehard fans. 

Mess with them at your own risk. 

The shoobies

If you’ve seen Rocket Power, you know who we’re talking about. 

Not everyone eats, sleeps and breathes volleyball likes us. For every diehard local who knows the ins and outs of the game, there’s also a “shoobie” who doesn’t exactly look comfortable at the beach. 

Here are the tell-tale signs of a shoobie:

  • Wearing socks and shoes at the beach (or socks and sandals)
  • They ask you what an “ace” is
  • An unnecessary amount of sunscreen on their nose

It’s our collective responsibility to help the shoobies have a great, UV-protected time.

On The Court

Casey Patterson’s Dance Moves

As one of the stars of AVP, Casey Patterson’s moves don’t stop at the net.

The #1 seeded stud has been known to bust a dance move when the mood strikes. One of the game’s most energetic players, Casey knows that big time points call for big time gestures.

The crowd eats it up every time, and so do we.

Announcer Mark Schuermann’s Classic One-Liners

“11-11… french fries on the board!” The official announcer of AVP likes to keep things fresh, even if it’s just how he tells us the score.

There’s never a dull moment at an AVP tourney, and much of that can be attributed to Broadcast Mark’s charisma on the microphone. Every rally is made that much better by a signature grunt or a witty remark— and if the point is crazy enough, Mark might just even rip off his shirt.

And spectators, beware. The sun isn’t the only thing that’ll roast you at a tournament. Mark has no problem singling out members in the crowd and putting them on blast. Especially that one “overserved” fan we mentioned earlier.

Teammate Chemistry Between Points


If two partners are good enough to compete in an AVP tournament, chances are they’ve been playing together for a while. Through years of practice, matches, and general time spent together, teammates develop their special tricks, superstitions— whatever you want to call it— that give them an edge on the court.

Take Billy Allen and Stafford Slick, for example. These two are so locked in on the sand that in between points, they refuse to make eye contact when they high-five. How do they never awkwardly miss each other’s hand? Scientists hypothesize that at this point, their brains have melted together. It’s the only explanation.

Then there’s Emily Day and Betsi Flint, who have eliminated the high-five from their gameplan entirely. Apparently, it’s too quick of an interaction when you’re looking to slow the game down and strategize. That’s why you’ll see these two constantly holding hands in between points, as if they are on a first date at the movies. After securing a big win at Hermosa in July, it’s safe to say that this strategy works.

Keep an eye out for our AVP stars and their crazy antics at the Chicago Championships this weekend.