AVPFirst Giving Tuesday: Volleyball For ALL!

With the international pandemic, unearthed social injustices, and the general pandemonium of the year, we understand your dollar is important. Giving Tuesday hits a little harder in 2020 when so much has been taken away from us. But we also know you believe, like we do, that volleyball is important in shaping individuals into leaders, just like it has done for the men and women that play and work for the AVP. That is why this year we are humbly asking you to join us in giving the gift of Volleyball for ALL

For some, it’s the community – a group of like-minded people centered around a healthy lifestyle. For others, it’s the competition and challenge – a way to continuously grow and evolve even as adults. For all of us – volleyball has given gifts without asking for anything in return, except maybe a little practice. 

So this year, we challenge you to give the gift of volleyball by supporting AVPFirst – the AVP’s 501(c)(3) non-profit youth programming entity. The organization’s mission is to increase the access, equity, and opportunity found within beach volleyball for underserved youth, regardless of their economic status or neighborhood. 

Over the last four years, AVPFirst has donated over 1000 balls and 20 plus Portable Net Systems to our program partners across the country, as well as 450 tons of sand to Gahr High School for a new 2-court facility. They’ve also organized and executed dozens of youth clinics led by top AVP Pros at every Tour stop. 

Every athlete involved has been inspired by the kids and warmed by the impact they have. AVP 2019 Austin Open Champion Karissa Cook says, “AVPFirst is hands down my favorite part of the AVP Family. Getting the chance to share the love and see it become a passion for the next generation is a next-level feeling. Now I’m just looking forward to seeing some of the kids participating in those clinics to come kick my butt in the Main Draw in a year or two.” 

Budding star Troy Field led clinics on multiple Hawaiin islands and said, “When we were in Hawaii, I realized the impact we had on the kids. It opened my eyes to see the potential of what AVPFirst could do through the power of volleyball. We had kids from every different socioeconomic level. We had kids that their first meal of the day was handed out by us.” 

Karissa’s fellow Austin Champion Jace Pardon said of AVPFirst Executive Director Tony Giarla – “There is no one more selfless and passionate about the game than Tony Giarla. I’m always more than happy to support his and AVPFirst endeavors as they continue to grow the game by conducting fundraisers, clinics, and tournaments for youth from all different backgrounds.” 

AVPFirst seeks to reduce the sport’s barriers to entry for thousands of kids who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to play. And this year, after being rocked by all that was 2020, we’ve thought more critically and creatively about the future.  

The AVPFirst of 2020 and beyond looks toward more local opportunities. LA is a trove of communities in need; we have every opportunity to introduce the beauty and lessons of the game to kids in our backyard. Health is a right, not a privilege. AVPFirst is answering the call and assuming responsibility in righting the current inequity for kids in lower-income communities. During November and December, AVPFirst and its dedicated Board of Directors will become even more intentional while creating a new strategic plan for the future.

This year, as part of Giving Tuesday and the holiday season, AVPFirst humbly asks for assistance in pursuing play equity. 100% of each gift goes towards securing the equipment and support staff needed to facilitate programming. With an amalgamation of small donations from our AVP community, we’ll be able to guarantee families better access to a more active, healthier lifestyle for now and years to come.


To learn more and make a donation, visit the AVPFirst page!