Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

AVP’s 4th of July ProTips

Come the Fourth of July, there’s lots of options to watch the fireworks fly across the country. Here at the AVP, we are all about hanging with our community, celebrating America with everyone out there. As you prep for BBQ-ing on the beach, here a couple of our favorite, quick tips to get the most out of the day (and night).

  • If you’re hanging all day, pack for day— and night.  Bonfires may keep you warm for a while, but a pocketable windbreaker isn’t a bad idea to jam into your bag.
  • BYOC (cup)! If you’re going to a BBQ, party, or hanging out at the beach, it’s a great idea to keep a small bottle / cup onhand— something small you can shove in your pack and take with you.  BONUS: Nobody needs to worry about extra mess to clean up when you’re done.
  • Stay charged up. If you’re gonna be out for the whole day, keep a small charger on standby in your bag. BUT, don’t wait until your phone is dying to plug in— keep charging your phone throughout the day. That way, when you want to lighten your load later in the day, your phone is already at peak capacity!
  • Car Ride Apps are your friend. This goes without saying, but drinking and driving is a horrible idea. Don’t do it. As the night goes on, remember you need to get home in one piece. After all, we want to see all of you at our next AVP competition.

While we’re at it, if you’re going to be in one of the cities where the AVP tours during the season, here’s some of our picks for where to get the best seat in the house around the country.

Huntington Beach, California: Make sure to grab a spot on the beach early— it’s gonna be a busy day! Pancake breakfast in the morning, a 5K run and parade during the day, a festival down by the sand, then cap it off with fireworks off the Huntington Beach pier. 

Austin, Texas: The town known for “keeping it weird” sure knows how to throw down and celebrate. There are parades to catch, sure, but we’re in it for the fireworks shows. You can go classy with the H.E.B. Austin Symphony, or join up with a carnival at the Hill Country Galleria. You ask us, we’re down to join Willie Nelson’s celebration at the Austin 360 Amphitheater 

New York City: You think July 4th in NYC and everyone just goes, “Macy’s.” There’s a reason that they televise this one for the whole country to see – but, c’mon, TV is no way to soak in these sights. This year, the fireworks are going to be over the Brooklyn Bridge so staying in clear view of the South Side is a guaranteed good time. We’re talking boat cruises and rooftop parties. Also, remember, just because it’s covered in Manhattan, doesn’t mean you need to actually be in Manhattan to see it.

Seattle, Washington: It’s gonna be a beautiful weekend up in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you want to figure out the best places to post up and pre-game for the long haul or if you’re just in it for prime fireworks locations, you’ll have a LOT of options depending upon which part of the area we’re talking about. Speaking for ourselves, we like cornering key spots at lakeside bars. As for the fireworks on display, we’re partial to the Seafair Summer Fourth. According to Thrillist, it may not be the biggest, but it certainly gets a lot of love from the locals.

Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches, California: There’s not gonna be a dull moment on the strand in the South Bay, south of Santa Monica. Hell, that’s an understatement. Take Hermosa Beach. While the town doesn’t smile on knocking back a ton of drinks in public, keep your eyes and ears peeled for plenty of house parties along the beach. While you’re down by the water, watch the annual Ironman competition. Later on, if you’re not exhausted, catch a ride over to Redondo Beach for an awesome fireworks display. You wanna go in for fireworks alongside the Queen Mary by Manhattan Beach? It can cost you for the full experience, but it could be worth it if you’re going with family.

Chicago: Whether you want to go the highbrow route, listening to Tchaikovsky or you’d rather stuff your face with some food at the Windy City Ribfest, Chicago’s got you more than covered before you head off for fireworks at night. There’s parade options, a DJ Picnic, an interesting art exhibition and…are we seeing this right? A Spongebob Squarepants Pop-up Bar? OK, we think that we’ve got a full day of “research” ahead of us. 

Hawaii: With so many amazing beaches in Waikiki it’s kind of hard to find a bad place to enjoy the fourth. In fact, we’d have a tougher time writing about where not to be in Oahu. There are a bunch of great parade and picnic options around the area and the local news reporters at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser broke down some of your best bets. 

Everyone: Have a fun— and safe— Fourth of July! We look forward to seeing you all at the next tour stop this summer.