The AVP Championships only occupies Huntington Beach, Calif., for four days of play out of the year, but the beach volleyball spectacle draws enough fanfare to be a staple to the small ocean-lined city.


For the thousands of fans who watch the championship matches on CBS Sports, the event shows on their television screens like the gleaming dream of what working on a beach every day would be like. Athletes done the court with cool and deliberate goals of winning titles and sharing their passion with the youngest of fans. Behind the scenes, building a beach tour back to success takes immense preparation and passion for the game – both of which are found in the AVP staff. It takes multiple people several hours to set up for a four-day event, of which two matches take the spotlight on live TV.


One of the folks who makes the show run is Jeff Conover. He’s been with the AVP for two and one-half years as the Director of Sport and Competition. Jeff is the tournament director and handles every competition issue. Since the competition touches a variety of areas, he interacts with on-site security, sponsors, media, as well as the establishment of point systems, rules, regulations and running the player committee. In addition, Jeff serves on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors as Director of Beach Development.


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(Photo cred: Josh Glazebrook)