Breast Cancer Awareness: Anti-Cancer Foods and Herbs


So I mentioned last week that I’ll probably stir the pot a little bit with these articles. Why wait, right?


If you are a fan of the NFL, or if you go out to eat at chain restaurants ever, or if you turn on the TV for even a second this month, you’ll be blasted by pink ribbons, pink shoes, pink towels. Shoot, I even saw a pile of pink bricks with some pink balloons tied to them outside the drug store. In fact, I think some AVP players did a pink event in the last couple days. Good for you guys and girls and thanks for representing the AVP with class!


Yes, as you may know, it’s breast cancer awareness month. For the connoisseur of monthly themes, it’s also anti-bullying month, LGBTQ history month, domestic violence awareness month, and for my last name’s sake, Polish American history month. There is a list of probably 20+ other themes for October.


I don’t list them to devalue them. I think each has a place. I already hinted at what I was going to talk about this week with the pink-everything reference. I think the most important, yet most misguided word is “awareness.” I wanted to give you some “awareness” while it’s fresh in your mind and hopefully have your attention now.


**Please keep in mind I understand this is a very personal issue to many whose family has been affected by breast cancer. I am simply providing some useful information that I know many have not heard before.


I recommend a recent article by a big natural health advocate, Dr. Joseph Mercola who published an enlightening piece on mammogram safety and effectiveness. A very interesting read. The awareness that I want to shed some light on is the unfortunate reality that breast cancer isn’t going away based on how much money we throw at it. It’s the #1 feared disease by women, and yet if you’re a woman you’re more likely to die of heart disease according to CDC statistics.


Here is that article: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/10/07/mammography-screening-risks.aspx


If there is a strong history of breast cancer in your family, you may want to test for the BRCA gene as it increases your likelihood of breast cancer, but if you have it, you already knew that. Probably no need for me to make you aware of that. Again, you should be much more proactive about obesity and heart disease factors, because only a small 2%? (nobody knows for sure) of women may have the BRCA mutations.


I wanted to share with you some little talked about FACTS about some anti-cancer foods and herbs that we can all (easily) incorporate into our lives. After all, the best treatment is prevention, and that’s what I feel like we should all be made more aware of. If these organizations spent half the money on educating the public about what an anti-cancer diet is as they do on research for surgeries and drugs, we would save many times more lives, which is supposed to be the goal, right???


Here are 3 herbs that are easy to obtain and very cost effective which are known to kill cancer cells, and have a long and safe history of use. Turmeric, specifically the main medicinal constituent, curcuminoids kill many types cancer cells (including breast cancer), inhibit and slow the growth of others. Medicinal mushrooms, specifically the top two in Taoist tonic herbalism, chaga and reishi have also been determined to be inhibitive to the existence of cancer cells in lab studies. Known to be immune modulators, they strengthen your immune system naturally and supercharge it to kill cancer without the use of drugs of surgery. (much cheaper too!)


The above paragraph is factual. I hope that knowledge helps you make healthier decisions on what to include in your diet. However, it’s not a prescription. With natural medicine, there are a lot of moving parts and individual factors.


I’ll say this though: If my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer tomorrow, I would be giving her mega doses of curcuminoids, chaga and reishi. Prevention is the best medicine though, right? So I consume a teaspoon of wild chaga powder, a teaspoon of reishi powder and a curcuminoids extract pill every single day.


Chaga has a mild and pleasant flavor with hints of vanilla-like palatability. The reishi is a bit more bitter, but still doable even just in water. In fact that’s how I take my mushrooms everyday, in water. It’s my morning ritual with my 1 year old son. I put a serving of each mushroom powder in water along with a few scoops of super greens powder. I shake it up and we drink it together. Seriously, he loves it. I’ll post a video soon to show him drinking it. The curcuminoids are so easy to take because most I’ve seen are in pills or capsules.


Likely, you’re not reading this column as a substitute for scientific research, but I can assure you, in my years of personal consumption and working with people one on one, I have seen miracles worked with these mushrooms and the curcuminoids. I hope that I have enlightened many of you to a couple new things that can improve your health and lessen your chance of disease.


These herbs will come up more in future articles because we still have lots to talk about regarding chemical endocrine disruptors, safe and effective detox, weight loss, increased energy and much more! I’m getting ready to start a 2 week cleanse in the next few weeks if anyone wants to do one with me? If you have any questions about the mushrooms or curcuminoids, shoot me a message and I’ll let you know what some reliable sources are.



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