The 3rd Collegiate Sand Volleyball Season will begin this coming weekend. This will be the first year with over 40 schools (and counting) participating in the sand season. The American Volleyball Coaches Association will be hosting the third AVCA Championships this May 2-4, as the NCAA will start planning to transition sand volleyball from an emerging sport to a championship sport.

Having over 40 schools add the sport in less than 3 years makes sand volleyball the fastest-growing sport in Division I collegiate athletics. So the question is… How many more schools will add the sport in the coming years?

Schools, both coastal and non-coastal, have been joining the bandwagon. From Hawaii to California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, sand volleyball is taking the nation by storm.

These young women are now taking off their shoes and dipping their toes in the sand. Some are even kicking their shoes to the curb for good and committing solely to sand volleyball. While this may be a new sport to many, there are a few veterans that have led the way.

The AVCA released a preseason poll with Pepperdine University, University of Southern California, Long Beach State and Florida State as the top 4. These four powerhouses have been at the forefront of the sport since its first inaugural season.

The anticipation of the upcoming season sets the tone for what the future holds for the sport. And with so many new schools now, the competition is heating up. Who will come out on top in 2014? Stay tuned…