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AVP Athletes: Favorite Tournaments


With eight stops along the tour schedule, there’s plenty of room for debate about which city hosts the best AVP tournament. We love them all, but we thought we’d stir up some friendly competition to see which cities our AVP athletes like best. 

Chaim Schalk

“AVP Seattle, with its greenery and fresh air, is a no brainer as my favorite event.  On top of that, Jeremy and I got our first wins in Seattle and will never forget that.” 


Amanda Dowdy

“I love competing in Seattle because you are surrounded by a beautiful lake, mountains, and so many high flying bald Eagles! It’s truly a magical place. And it brings two of my loves together—nature and beach volleyball.” 


Jake Gibb

“Chicago is my favorite because of the knowledgeable volley fans and just how cool the city is at night for sinners and for going out.” 

Jace Pardon

“Austin will forever hold a special place in my heart because it was my first AVP win. The fans were loud, the BBQ was delicious and the weather was hot!” 

Sara Hughes

“My favorite tournament this year was the AVP Manhattan Beach Open because it brings a type of energy and excitement like no other. I was able to partner up with Brandie WIlkerson for the first time and we had so much fun on the court together. Can’t wait till next year!”

Ben Vaught

“Huntington Beach is my favorite stop on the AVP because it is where I grew up and learned the sport of beach volleyball! :)”


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