Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.


We are excited to announce that the AVP and FIVB will be working together for this year’s Huntington Beach Open! In coordination with USA Volleyball, the AVP is working to create more opportunities for USA beach players to compete and develop their skills on the international stage. We are dedicated to growing the game, and it all kicks off May 2nd – 6th at this year’s FIVB Huntington Beach Open.

What does this collaboration between AVP and FIVB look like?  How is the tournament different for the athletes? How is it different for the fans?  We’re here to answer all your questions.

Why did the AVP and FIVB work together?

The AVP and FIVB have worked together 3 times over the past few years to run World Tour events towards the Olympic qualifying process. This year, the AVP is running an FIVB event to create a new international beach volleyball event that brings the best international athletes to American soil, and unite the sport of beach volleyball on a global scale.

As a fan, how is this tournament different than an AVP event?

The FIVB Huntington Beach Open is an FIVB event that is hosted by the AVP.  Because of its FIVB 4-Start status, this is an international event with international players, and is part of the Olympic Qualification Process.  The best the world has to offer will be in Huntington Beach representing their country, with many of them being past Olympians.

What does this mean for USA Volleyball and will there be more tournaments like this?

USA Volleyball is proud to support the AVP as they host this FIVB event.  Bringing the US’ pro volleyball tour together with the sport’s Olympic qualification organization provides new opportunities for the sport and its athletes.  USA Volleyball’s support will bring many more events like this, providing our USA athletes an opportunity to compete and hone their skills on the international stage, ultimately making a stronger pipeline of USA beach volleyball athletes for the Olympic games.

Will this tournament be part of the FIVB Star system?

Yes, this is an FIVB 4-Star event.  Learn more about the FIVB Star System here.

Will international beach stars play in the tournament?

Yes!  The best athletes in the world will be playing on the Huntington Beach sand.

What is the format of this tournament?

The FIVB Huntington Beach Open will be a hybrid model of the FIVB 4-Star format; the first of its kind.  The Main Draw format will NOT be pool play, but instead double elimination. 48 teams per gender Main Draw and for the first time an Open Qualification process for all countries registered.

What is the tournament format/schedule for each day?

The below applies for both the men and women brackets.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Two Phase Qualifiers with single elimination

  • Phase 1 (Open Qualifiers): Open to all American teams and international teams that do not have status/ranking or fall outside the top 32 qualifier teams that are directly into Phase 2; with 16 teams advancing to the Phase 2 of Qualifiers.
  • Phase 2: 48 teams (16 from Phase 1 and 32 teams from previous entry points) compete, with 8 teams advancing to the Main Draw.

Thursday thru Sunday

Main Draw competition with double elimination

  • 48 teams competing

What is the tournament site schedule/format for each day?

Tuesday- Phase 1 of Qualifiers

  • Matches from 1:00pm to 5:30pm
  • Stadium Court + 15 side courts

Wednesday- Phase 2 of Qualifiers

  • Matches from 10:00am to 5:30pm
  • Stadium Court + 9 side courts

Thursday- Day 1 of Main Draw

  • Matches from 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • Stadium Court + 9 side courts

Friday- Day 2 of Main Draw

  • Matches from 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • Stadium Court + 7 side courts

Saturday- Day 3 of Main Draw

  • Matches from 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • Stadium Court + 3 side courts

Sunday- Semi-finals, Bronze medal match and finals

  • Matches from 8:30am to 5:15pm
  • Stadium Court

How will AVP athletes and FIVB athletes come together, and what determines Entry Points?

The below applies for both the men and women brackets.

  • 23 entries for international teams on the FIVB circuit, determined by FIVB Entry Points.
  • 15 entries for domestic teams in which both players on the team have United States as their Federation of Origin, determined by FIVB Entry Points.  If a team has 0 FIVB Entry Points, then the AVP Ranking Points will be used.
  • 8 entries from the Qualifiers on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • 2 entries from the Wild Card application, with one selection from the AVP/USA Volleyball side and one selected from the FIVB.

Seeding for Qualifiers and Main Draw (and, ultimately, entry positions) will be determined by FIVB Entry Points.  If a team has 0 FIVB Entry Points, then AVP Ranking Points will be used.

Is the list of athletes available?  Who will be playing?

Yes, here are the athletes!

Men’s Qualifiers

Men’s Main Draw

Women’s Qualifiers

Women’s Main Draw

How will points be allocated to teams based on their finish?

The below applies for both men and women brackets.

  • FIVB ranking points are awarded per gender to the top 6 rankedteams per Natonal Federation (for both USA & Internationl teams). The 7th and lower ranked teams per National Federation will not earn FIVB ranking points.
  • However, any team (USA or international) that is also an AVP member, will earn AVP applicable points based on a $300,000 event.

Note: FIVB ranking points obtained from the FIVB Huntington Beach Open will only be calculated for entry and seeding purpose if they will be beneficial for the player (i.e. improve the teams’ entry and seeding points).

Can international players become an AVP Member?  If so, how do you become a member?

Yes, international members can become an AVP Member!  Pay $20/year for a membership and sign up here.  International players can play in AVP events if they have dual citizenship (with one being in the United States) or if they have a green card.

As an athlete, how do you sign up to play in the FIVB Huntington Beach Open?

The below applies for both men and women brackets.

  • All athletes register through their respective National Federation.
  • For USA athletes, please fill out this application by Sunday, April 1st.  You will receive a follow-up email from USA Volleyball Staff regarding next steps.

Note: Athletes will need a passport and must be eligible to compete for your respective country per FIVB regulations here.

As an athlete, when do you need to register by and what is the timeline?

The below applies for both the men and women brackets.

  • Sunday, April 1st (31 days prior to tournament): Deadline to sign up for all athletes.
  • Tuesday, April 11th (21 days prior to tournament): Entry List is public for Main Draw, Qualifiers and Reserve.
  • Sunday, April 22nd (10 days prior to tournament): Teams due to play in Phase 1 of Qualifiers must pay tournament fee of $200 per team via AVP payment page by this date.  Teams that fail to pay in due time will be excluded from the tournament. Payment page will be emailed to those teams concerned after the release of the entry lists.
  • Tuesday, April 24th (7 days prior to tournament): Final Entry List is released and any teams that are due to play in the Qualifiers that has yet to pay tournament fee, is dropped from the tournament.

Is it still FREE General Admission?

Yup, General Admission is FREE!

What are the VIP options if you want an elevated experience?

There are four types of VIP experiences you can purchase: VIP Club, The Deck, Courtside Box, or Courtside Cabana.  Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Can I watch the tournament on TV?

Yes, you can watch the finals on NBCSN Sunday, May 6th at 4pm PST.

What ball will the athletes be playing with since this is an international event?

Because this is an FIVB event, the athletes will use the Mikasa VLS 300.