Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

The link between music and sports in undeniable. It allows athletes to transcend the court and escape the outside noise so that they can focus on their goal. There’s something about your favorite songs that can spark something inside you that takes you to the next level. Whether you’re preparing for a big match, cooling down after an intense workout, or celebrating a victory, the addition of music creates an energy that is unforgettable.


The official AVP Spotify page allows you to plug in and hear what your favorite athletes are jamming to moments before matches. Ever wonder what Emily Day was listening to before entering the 2016 Manhattan Beach Open finals? Want to know what song DJ Roueche played as the champions received their trophy at the AVP Championships in Chicago? Or how about what Casey Patterson gets down to as he practices his dance moves in his living room with his kids? Now you can find out!


From personal playlists created by Tri Bourne, Lane Carico, Ryan Doherty and many more, to tournament soundtracks and personal playlists from the AVP and Los Angeles Lakers’ very own DJ Roueche, AVPlaylists allow you to experience the energy of the tournaments on AND off the sand.


Be sure to follow AVP on Spotify for new playlists every week and enjoy the sounds of summer all year long!