We’ve all seen our favorite AVP athletes competing on the volleyball court, but what do they do with the rest of their time? Life Outside Of A Bathing Suit Part 7 gives you an inside look at what athletes are doing away from the beach. For more AVP pictures, make sure to follow us on our Instagram account.


Kim DiCello


@kimdicello: Been skatin’ together since the 90s! #sisters #sk8ordie #sk8#MissingOur4th

Avery Drost


@averydrost: Baby I love you, that’s all she wrote 🌿

Irene Pollock


@irenepollock: Yeaaaah, we get what all the hype about here in San Diego😍

Lane Carico


@lanecarico: My helper for the day 🐶🍠☺️

Emily Day


@emday6: Play date and picnic at the park! Love hanging with these two cuties and their mom @lindsaypettit15 💗 #godmommy

Theo Brunner


@lordbrunner: Special delivery from the good folks at @lovesuja “Juicing” season has officially begun 💪🏋️‍♂️ #suja #juicing #thejuiceisloose #saturdaymorning

Sheila Shaw


@sheilashaw17: Hit the slopes in Ute land and had the best weekend shredding the gnar with @tcrabbs @optimuslimes ⛷🏂🤙🏽

Geena Urango


@urango: What has 8 limbs and two shades? #hawaii #oahu #gopro #cliffjump

Kelly Claes


@kellyclaes3: What a cool experience! Amazing honor being able to go tour the White House for winning the NCAA Championships! So beautiful and so much history 🤓

Tri Bourne


@tribourne: Happy New Years from the Bourne’s! #ifeeloldsayingthat#WhatsNextAXmasCard?

I keep thinking we’re starting 2017 right now🤔. I legitimately have no idea what this year might look like by the end… and ainokea (translation=I don’t care).

I’m gonna take it one day at a time and trust that what I’ve learned will apply itself. That’s how I like my mindset to be on the court too. I trust my preparation and allow things to happen without getting in the way.

If I can manage to learn as much about myself in 2018 as I did in 2017, then it’s about to be another wild ride! #cheeehooo

📸: my cuz @kreeleigh

Alix Klineman


@aklineman10: We’ll take any excuse to celebrate 🥂

Jeremy Casebeer


@shakesbeer_: Thanks for sharing your travel mishap @goobersmax35, we’ve all been there! Enjoy your beach kit from @hippytree@ecoxgear, and @surfdurt ✌🏻🌲☀️🌊💧

David McKienzie


@david_mckienzie: Definitely a good morning 😊 Can’t wait to spend the whole day with my little one. #babysitter#stayathomedad #mrmom #mybudak#giaquinn #goodmorning #malaysia#daddyslittlegirl #daddydaughterday

Emily Stockman


@estock2: Fun day on the slopes with this crew!! Now it’s time to ring in the New Year with @plaraiza23 ☺️ #2018 #coloRADo#rockymountains #myhappyplace#justgoman #mustbeunlisted#findyourpassion #burton #mountainlife