We’ve all seen our favorite AVP athletes competing on the volleyball court, but what do they do with the rest of their time? Life Outside Of A Bathing Suit gives you an inside look at what athletes are doing away from the beach. For more AVP pictures, make sure to follow us on our Instagram account.

Avery Drost

@AveryDrost: First Concert ✅ #blakekalila


Tim Bomgren

@TimBomgren: Dad’ing level 9. It’d be level 10 except my yard is so pathetic I can’t go there. #MowingBuddy #MyBoy

Casey Patterson

@CaseyPatt: Couldn’t sleep at all knowing I was in charge of getting the kids ready for the first day of school. Not because I was worried about being late but from the pressure of getting it for the Gram! #instagrampressureisreal #nailedit ‍♂️

April Ross

@AprilRossBeach: Pretty sweet couple ‘a weeks in the office Could not have performed as well without the tireless work of the WHOLE team!! Thank you guys SO SO SO much! @usavbeach #CritterCrew #FendRoss #WorldChampsVienna

Betsi Flint

@BetsiFlint: Best husband ever!! Surprised me with a fun cooking class! #thoughtful #salads #made6 #workedonourknifeskills #cookingchase #doingwork #funday #naptime?

Brittany Hochevar

@BrittHochevar: Something about that view from the top of a mountain. #wonderlust #tremblant #wonderlustfestival @adidaswomen @adidasvball #justB #love 📸 @katiespieler

Jake Gibb

@JakesGibb: Sometimes when you suck at volleyball n lose early, you get some extra time to see the world! Mytikas summit at Mount Olympus in Greece!! @lordbrunner and Loanna we made it!! Jane may have cried in fear at one point😳😘.

Emily Day

@EmDay6Soaking up the last days of summer with Hermosa Beach concert series 🎼 ☀️🌴🌊#whoamikiddingitsalwayssummerhere

Geena Urango

@Urango: Sundays are for the girls. #spin #sweat #beach #ocean #guac #burrito #lacroix #sunburn #turtle #dointhechelsey #letsgetittrending

Irene Pollock

@IrenePollock: First time seeing a @mls game LIVE with @jd_pollock! So impressed! And our guy, @gyasinho, from Bako is a stud! Love watching athletes (of any kind) compete👊🏼

Kendra Van Zwieten

@Kendra_VZ_Beach: Oy. Picture represents my frustration. After a concussion at the Austin AVP I have been battling symptoms since and thinking I could play through or just as time went on it would get better. In short, returned to play too soon, thought one good day outweighed 3 bad, and pushed myself too far. So now it’s time to rest and take off an AVP to give my brain, however small it may be, time to rest. Looking forward to next weeks of getting back on track. Live and learn, and still learning….thanks to all that have helped “push” me to take care of my body however hard it may be to stay on the sidelines. See you at Manhattan AVP 😉 #helmetson #ama #notfunnykinda @avpbeach @roxvolleyball @eastendvolleyball @volleyamerica