Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

MBO: The Moments We’re Sure You Didn’t Catch

We’re sure your saw the moments that made headlines from this past weekend’s Gold Series Manhattan Beach Open- the teams that advanced from the Qualifier, Sara Hughes & Brandie Wilkerson teaming up for the first time, Canadian duo Sarah Pavan & Melissa Humana-Paredes making history, and first-time partners Reid Priddy & Trevor Crabb getting their first AVP win and first MBO title.

Those were all amazing moments, but there were some other great moments.  And these moments made us giggle.  So, we want to make sure you saw them too.

Photos courtesy of @AGamePhoto.

We know you’re a great defender, Nick but even this situation looks tough. Even for you.

Either the sand is really hot or Zana is showing us her new Irish jig.

Tim, I think you need to keep your eye on the ball, not the sand.

When you’re a veteran like Ty Loomis, you can do things like this.

We know playing in the sand is fun but let’s save that for after the match. Find the ball!

Same thing for you, Chase.

We won’t ask…

The one time Phil cared.

We know it’s called the Wimbledon of beach volleyball, but still.