In celebration of #WorldBeardWeek back in August, AVP pros and facial hair aficionados, Maddison & Riley McKibbin, sat down with the bearded Gamification Guru himself, Chris “BullDog” Collins, for a special episode of his “Unleashed” podcast. With over 18 years of success in the one of the toughest industries, Chris has made a name for himself as the leading expert in fixed operations and service training in the automotive industry. Along with his impressive track record of jumpstarting businesses by implementing his proven gamification technique, Chris has written two-industry changing books which combine his expertise in consulting and sales training.

In the 40 minute long episode, The Bearded Trio cover business tips, psychological awareness, and beard maintenance, and find commonalities between their two seemingly different professional sectors. They discuss the importance of visualizing goals, whether they’re on the court or in the workplace, and the difference that training the mind and body can make when working towards a goal. Listen to the the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to keep up with Chris and as he tackles some of the toughest problems faced by entrepreneurs and business owners.