Eight Nutritious Meals from the Pros

“Are you on the Keto diet?”

“No, I heard Paleo is much better for you.”

“Oh really? Is that that Whole30 thing?”


In a world with a wealth of information, opinions and trends, it can be hard to figure out which meal plan/lifestyle is best for you and your body. We aren’t nutritionists, so we aren’t going to claim anything. Our AVP pros aren’t nutritionists either, but they are athletes at the top of a craft which requires their bodies to perform day in and day out, so they must be doing something right!

Here are 8 nutritious meals we’ve seen from the pros.

What’s your recommendation for meals on-the-go?

via Instagram @betsiflint

AVP pro Betsi Flint has earned the title of the Meal Prep Queen because her game is 💯. Although this photo was prepped by her mother-in-law, we are still impressed. Betsi takes some time out of her Sunday and then is carefree the rest of the week knowing she has a healthy meal ready to go.  This photo includes turkey meatballs, protein balls, tacos, enchiladas, rice, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, asparagus and chicken.

Any good recipes for a meal in a bowl?

The pros have become pros at making meals in a bowl. Whether it’s a salad or a more traditional meal, if it’s healthy, they throw it in a bowl with some sriracha, salt & pepper, and it’s good to go.

via Instagram @alixklineman

AVP pro Alix Klineman is known for her top-tier cooking. Here she whips up some grains, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes, along with an avocado and an egg. Yum!


via Instagram @kellyreeves02

If you follow pro Kelly Reeves on Instagram, you’ll see that on a #TypicalTuesday she gives you an inside look at her day, and it always includes her delicious meals. Here we have a shredded salad with quinoa, tomatoes, corn strips, beans, parmesan, and guac. 


via Instagram @laradykstra

If you’re feeling more advanced, follow the lead of AVP pro Lara Dykstra with this acai bowl. Take a handful of spinach and kale, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 scoop collagen protein, 1 cup almond milk, 2 tbs flax, 1 tbs almond butter, and that’s it! You can sprinkle unsweetened coconut and cacao nibs for some extra crunch.

I’ve got a yard. Anything I should grow to add to my diet?

If you’ve got a little more time than the pros do (or it’s the off-season), we encourage you to start a garden and grow some snacks so you know exactly where your food comes from and what it’s been exposed to.

via Instagram @urango

2018’s Best Server Geena Urango can frequently find a snack from her garden with these beautiful strawberries.


via Instagram @jenniferkessy

Retired AVP pro and now AVP coach Jen Kessy takes the home-grown route to a new level, and it’s impressive! Although this meal may not include much from her garden, Jen grows a good majority of the food for her family in her home!  Here we have flaxseed meal breaded chicken thighs with parmesan and lemon topped asparagus.

Is coffee nutritious?

via Instagram @aprilrossbeach

We aren’t really sure here, but the pros like April Ross THRIVE on coffee. So you can too.