Monster Hydro Cup | July 18, 2020 | Highlights

Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes scored 7 unanswered points to take the third set off Qualifiers Jace Pardon and Karissa Cook. The Canadians won the first set 21-19 and then dropped the second 14-21. Pardon had an excellent offensive game with 25 kills and just 2 errors. But the team’s 6 service errors did them no favors, especially with Pavan and Humana-Paredes’ 4 combined aces. They also played phenomenal defense, with Humana-Paredes earning 23 digs and Pavan netting 8 block touches, 6 controlled and 2 terminal. But the game-changer in this match was the Canadian’s confidence and calm when down 12-8 in the third set. After a timeout, they scored 7 in a row to take the third 15-13.


We had our first Crabb Brothers matchup. This time, Taylor and his partner Jake Gibb took down Trevor Crabb and Tri Bourne in the second round of the Winner’s Bracket, 21-19, 21-18, with 10 serves in the freeze. The brothers’ notorious fiery rivalry was in full effect. After months of quarantining together in their shared Redondo Beach apartment, they came out firing with monster blocks, thunderous hits, and seemingly impossible digs. Taylor played a flawless offensive game with 15 kills and no errors. He also posted 17 digs and an ace. Gibb patrolled the net well with 3 terminal blocks and 5 controlled blocks. Trevor and Bourne played a synchronized defensive game split-blocking; both had 10 digs and 3 controlled blocks. 

Apparently, Johnny Hyden just needed an elbow to the mouth from his partner to ignite a winning fire. Hyden and Jeremy Casebeer lost the first set to Qualifiers Ed Ratledge and Skylar Del Sol. At 6-5 in the second, there was a collision at the net ending in a bloody lip for Hyden. When play restarted, Hyden recovered at light speed and played lights out; they took the set 21-12. They maintained their pace in the third and won 15-12, bolstered by their 17 kills apiece and a combined 4 blocks. With this win, Hyden and Casebeer avoid another week of the Qualifier.  

The Q7-Seeded Crissy Jones and Traci Callahan are the only Qualifying team to earn their spot in next week’s Main Draw with their 2-set victory over Emily Day and Lauren Fendrick. Jones and Callahan put up 27 kills with only 4 errors and hit .451 as a team. They both did their part on defense, too; Callahan earned 15 digs while Jones got 3 terminal blocks and 3 controlled blocks. Fendrick struggled offensively with only 7 kills and 6 errors; Day and Fendrick will play in next weekend’s Wilson Cup Qualifier. 

Youngsters Sarah Sponcil and Kelly Claes played a phenomenal match against the 2019 World Champions Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes to make it to Championship Sunday. It was one of those matches where both teams play lights out, but one seems to find a way to score those weird scramble plays. The winners just had a few more points that went their way, netting 30 kills with 5 errors and 16 digs as a team. 


Kim’s Play of the Day: In Tri and Trevor’s first match, Tri was running to the line to dig a ball. His opponent, Chaim Schalk, hit seam instead. As Tri was falling to the line, he kicked his foot out to dig the ball. He popped it over the net and in bounds for a point. “That’s called the recliner dig,” Mark Schuermann said. “He’s been practicing that one all quarantine, holding baby Naia and kicking his foot off the couch.”