Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.


Time.  The one thing we never have enough of, the one thing we can never get back.  There would be a real irony with that if I wrote an article that took too much time to read. So here goes trying to pack a significant concept into a small amount of words.

There are only a few volleyball players that play professionally as their only source of income.  Simply the nature of the sport.  Nothing inherently bad or good about that, just how it is.  Many of us have “day jobs” or things that we do to balance out the rest of the year in the offseason, the rest of the week after a tournament, and the rest of the day after practice.

I think no matter who you are and what you do for work, we would all consider ourselves to be busy.  Busy justifies trips to the drive through, microwaved dinners, excessive caffeine consumption and loss of sleep.  All of these done with consistency over time can degrade your health in multiple ways.  Certainly not a recipe to be at your ideal weight, or at the top of your game as an athlete.

I don’t have a cure all for you today, but a simple tip that any of you can do which will help way more than it hurts.  Plus it will buy some extra time during your day.

Fasting.  There are a lot of benefits to fasting.  Take a day off from eating every once in awhile.  I recommend 1 day per month to start and see where it goes from there.  That doesn’t mean no calories per say.

Maybe start out with a day where you only have liquid.  Try having 2 smoothies the first time you do it, and then lots of water throughout the rest of the day.  I bet you’ll sleep great that night.  The reduced load of digesting food throughout the day helps your body detox, but more importantly not have to work as hard.  Kind of like you working a 1/2 day at work, taking a nap in the afternoon, watching Netflix the rest of the day and going to bed early.

Next step would be a day with far fewer calories, lots of water, teas, maybe some super greens and medicinal mushrooms in water.  In a scenario like this, you’re giving your body pure nutrition without the caloric load.  This super charges your ability to reset.  Plus, it helps your body realize that calories aren’t necessary to maintain energy throughout the day.  Kind of like a weekend getaway without work emails, an evening massage before bed and a restful night without distractions.

You’d be surprised how much time we spend during the day around food.  Take a day off once in awhile.  Good for the body and good for the soul.  Happy Monday 🙂