I was racking my brain thinking what I should write about this week.  I kept telling myself, “I don’t feel like recycling an old topic, I’d like to write about something new.”  That’s when it hit me, I should write something about recycling and reducing our impact on the planet and consuming a little smarter.  Short read with some interesting concepts you can think about in regards to your daily consumption habits.

I recommend everyone watch The Story of Stuff Project’s short video on plastic bottles. We live in a world where consumption and throwing things away is just an everyday part of life.  Well, the world is changing rapidly and there are companies and individuals that are trying to make a positive impact while giving us the convenience we are used to.

Ever heard of Klean Kanteen?  They make reusable water bottles from surgical grade stainless steel.  Even “BPA Free” plastic water bottles can leech harmful chemicals into the water and other drinks we put inside.  Additionally, Klean Kanteen is a 1% for the planet member meaning they donate 1% of their sales to charitable causes around the world.  They are a “B Certified” corporation meaning they adhere to a certain set of business ethics, sustainability and giving back.  It’s a pretty cool concept.  I have 2 of the 40oz water bottles that I take everywhere with me.  Easier and better than buying water in plastic bottles to sit in your hot trunk absorbing all the plastic chemicals.

On the reducing plastic bottles note, consider all the other drinks you buy in plastic bottles.  Like sports drinks, right?  Well, if you’re thinking a little bit differently than your consumption habits (and health…) then consider buying a canister of powder to add to the water in your reusable bottle.  You’ll save bottles in the landfill, chemicals in your body and pay less too!

Instead of buying individual bottles of sports drinks, or individual bottles of water, think about how you can get that same product or result by consuming less.  (Like a canister of Oxylent Sport powder which can travel with you).  Buy the bulk size container so you’re consuming less packaging.  Look for companies like EBOOST and Oxylent who put what you want in smaller packaging so there is less waste.  I’m not rich, so my philosophy has always been, “If you can buy a higher quality product for the same or less than the name brand, inferior stuff, then why not, right?”

Last example of the day is one of the most innovative trends in business and making the world a better place: That is recycling something that previously had zero value and turning it into a quality, high value product.  I’m talking about things like hempcrete whereby they use hemp fibers to create a concrete-like building material, or if you’re in the market for a new countertop in your kitchen, consider going with the crushed, recycled glass instead of granite or marble that took a ton of resources to extract and ship to you.  Hemp actually repairs the soil where it’s grown and can grow almost anywhere!  One of my favorite examples is also one of my favorite health products, omega 3 oil.

Ascenta has started creating a line of omega 3s that is more “sustainable” than any other.  There are a few companies like them who only work with sustainable fisheries who operate under strict catch quotas and actively try to preserve and grow wild fish populations.  That’s great, but the line of squid oil products goes above and beyond.  Ever had calamari at a restaurant?  Generally, a very small portion of the calamari is used to sell as edible meat and the rest (up to 80%) is literally thrown away.

By reusing this “bycatch” instead of throwing it away, Ascenta’s squid oil products are the most sustainable in the world.  Squid is one of the fastest reproducing species on the planet, not endangered and omega 3 products with squid oil are delivering a high level, high quality product that is truly a health benefit from something that was previously thrown away!

What kind of innovative things are you doing to reduce your impact?  What other companies do you know of doing some great things in the world?


Russ Marchewka’s commitment to better nutrition has earned him the nickname “Mr. Healthy” on the tour. He has spent the last eight years studying how nutrition affects his volleyball game. For more, visit his website, or connect with him on Facebook,

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