Well, now that it’s over, you know what that means?  We are full swing into the holiday season.  Whatever holidays you celebrate, likely they involve friends, family, good food, booze and relaxing.

While you’re busy meeting up with friends, getting some great deals on things for yourself and procrastinating buying gifts for others, remember, your health is your true wealth.  It’s never too early to start investing in a long, healthy life!

I’m just going to give a couple easy tips for making healthier decisions during the holiday season.  I’ll keep it short because I have a HUGE announcement at the end for a Holiday Health Pack giveaway!

Couple tips for a happy, health(ier) holiday season:

  1. Pre-party by yourself.  Not talking about pounding a couple beers or taking a couple shots before you go out the door.  Try drinking some super greens and maybe add a scoop of protein to it before you go out the door.  In addition to giving your stomach a little something which will curb your appetite, you’ll feel better about the fact you got some good nutrition.  Chances are if you’re eating at a restaurant it won’t be the healthiest food.
  1. Take digestive enzymes.  See previous articles I wrote on that.  Pretty much all the holiday food is comfort food.  It’s baked, fried, processed or some combination of the three.  Digestive enzymes will help you digest the food better, which is good for your waste line and your immune system.
  1. Up your vitamins.  Don’t wait until you start feeling compromised.  Be proactive.  Get a supply of vitamin C and D right now and start on a daily dose of at least 1000 mg and 1000 I.U respectively.  For as confident as I am in my ability to fight everything off, I take an Oxylent every day during the holiday season.  How much does a visit to the doctor cost?  How much are those cold and flu medicines?  Prevention is not only the best medicine, it’s also the cheapest.  The CDC claims the flu shot is only about 50% effective.  I haven’t gotten the flu since I stopped getting the flu shot…
  1. Exercise!  Easier said than done, right?  ANYTHING is better than nothing.  Exercise at work.  Try this: Once an hour do 10 pushups and 10 squats.  Not enough to break a sweat, few enough that anyone can do that many, and just enough to add up to some serious calories burned at the end of the month!  I saw on the news this morning that the “average” American gains 8 pounds during the holiday season.  That’s a lot of people gaining more than 8 pounds to average out to 8 per person.
  1. Don’t drink water after you eat.  Hydrate before you eat, but don’t down glasses of cold water after the meal.  I know this is a habit for most people, but it’s not the best thing for you.  Cold water slows down the digestion and coagulates saturated fats that are solid at room temperature.  Same goes for cold beer.  Wait at least 30 minutes after you eat before drinking any significant amount of fluids.  A little sip or two to wash out your mouth is fine.

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