It’s a question I get frequently from players and fans both wanting the same thing: better results.

We all want to take care of our bodies, but I feel like I have gotten very consistent objections throughout the years as to why someone can’t.  They include, “I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I don’t know what to do, and I didn’t know that would help.”  My favorite objection has always been “I could never do that!”

“I could never do that” is my all-time favorite objection because it tells me right away that someone is not serious about the results they seek.  I’ve maintained that I will not proselytize for the vegan lifestyle or try and make you feel guilty for eating meat etc.  “I could never do that” is the phrase I get the most when people find out I am vegan.

Well, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!  Fact is that in order to get different results, you have to be willing to do something different.  Yes, in order to see different output, the input methodology must change.  This will be one of my every once in a while articles on trying to be a little bit better.  Being a little bit better is exponentially more than doing nothing.

I don’t have time.  We are all busy, myself included.  It’s all about how you manage your time.  If you’re committed to doing something, you will find the time.  Don’t have time in the morning because there are kids to take care of, pets to take care of and traffic to get to work?  Don’t skip breakfast.  For the love of god, don’t get fast food for breakfast.  How about you put your breakfast in a bag and have it at work.  I’m talking about the healthiest breakfast you can have, powdered superfoods.  Yum ☺  Put some protein powder, super greens, and some other super foods like chia seeds, and goji powder in a bag and mix it up with some almond milk when you get to work.  Take 2 fish oil caps with it and you have a breakfast that is healthier than 99% of other people.

I don’t have the money.  Being health(ier) doesn’t have to be expensive.  Figure out where you have some room in your budget to cut down if you are maxed out on expenses.  Fact of the matter is that getting sick costs money (that you say you don’t have).  Cold medicine, doctor co-pays, days off work, etc.  $100 is a nice round number that if invested consistently will give you results you can feel.  That should get you some greens, some fish oil and a high quality multivitamin.  Your immune system is no different than anything else in this world in that it needs consistency to be better.  Gotta go to the gym consistently to get stronger, right?  Have to take these supplements every day in order for your immune system to get stronger.  These have always been my top 3 for well rounded, excellent nutrition:  Green Vibrance, Ascenta NutraSea +D and Oxylent.

I don’t know what to do.  I just told you…  If you’re already doing something and want to turn it up a notch without having a long discussion about it, shilajit is one of my first go-to herbs for better results.  Too much to talk about with shilajit for one article, so just check it out for yourself.

I could never do that.  I hear 5 year old kids talk about “I can’t” and then 2 minutes later they are doing exactly what they said they couldn’t do.  Channel your inner child-like ability to overcome obstacles.  Sure you can!  So don’t go vegan, I won’t hassle you about it.  How about you stop drinking milk that is laced with growth hormones, anti-biotics, puss and blood from factory farm cows?  That’d be a good start in my opinion.  Milk that is clearly labeled “without Rbst” is better.  Organic milk is better than that.  Organic “Raw” milk is even better than that.  The same rationalization process goes for the rest of the dairy products like yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

As my wife always says, “try a little harder to be a little better.”  Happy Monday!


Russ Marchewka’s commitment to better nutrition has earned him the nickname “Mr. Healthy” on the tour. He has spent the last eight years studying how nutrition affects his volleyball game. For more, visit his website, or connect with him on Facebook,

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