Building on last week’s article, I want to just jump in to some really good information. One of the things I hear a lot from people I work with is, “Wow, I never knew that” or “I haven’t heard it put that way before.”

A health concept that isn’t really promoted much is that we are really own own best doctor. You know your body better than anyone else, so you’ll be able to feel changes that a doctor may not be able to see with a test. However, that doesn’t mean that a large meat lovers pizza is the best dinner, even if you feel happy and content after you eat it :)

I was listening to an interview on NPR recently with a doctor, nutritionist and RN (registered nurse) about dieting. While they had different perspectives on why people gain weight and how people lose it, what they all agreed on was this: Pretty much all diets and, “weight loss” supplements are ineffective when reviewed a year later. In other words, that new fad plant extract or new diet book with a specific menu to adhere to are not going to have you in a better place next year.

I think the take away from that is that artificial changes may get results short term, but in the long run, your best bet is working with your biochemistry instead of trying to forcefully manipulate it.

Improving your digestion is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. If you don’t break down your food well, or absorb enough of the nutrients from it, your body will crave more. More food = more calories = (probable) weight gain. Forcing yourself to eat less isn’t a great long term solution. However, you will naturally eat less if your body gets more nutrition and doesn’t crave that extra serving.

My suggestions on things to incorporate and lose weight naturally through better digestion are:

Aloe Vera. My #1 go to recommendation for anyone to have better digestion. Aloe has 200+ nutrients which work with your body to normalize your stomach acid production, soothe intestinal linings and support more optimal enzyme production. This isn’t an artificial fix. Aloe works to help your body fix itself.

Digestive enzymes. See previous articles I wrote on these. Highly recommended.

Super Greens with probiotics. Probiotic bacteria help to finalize the breakdown of nutrients and escort them into our blood. An imbalance or inadequacy of probiotic bacteria will absolutely affect the total amount of nutrients you absorb from your meals.

Fiber. Eating high fiber foods is best, but taking a fiber supplement is a great insurance policy. It will help control the speed of sugars going into your system which will keep insulin levels stable. (Tip: use sprouted chia powder and you also get additional nutrients like protein, omega 3s and minerals)

Most of the weight loss supplements out there are designed to artificially increase your metabolism. Many of them utilize caffeine, or some other “miracle extract.” Here are some natural ways to increase your metabolism which are more effective long term solutions for weight loss and your overall health.

Omega 3s. Increasing your omega 3 intake will naturally increase your metabolism, lower your bad cholesterol and decrease your blood pressure. The increase in metabolism is partly due to an increased cell turnover. Getting more omegas naturally stimulates you to create new, healthier cells at an increased rate to replace the old, underperforming ones.

It’s winter. Generally that means it’s cold. Stop blasting the heat all the way. I’m not saying don’t wear a sweater, but your body burns a crazy amount of energy producing heat. Inuit eskimos in Alaska eat as many as 6000-8000 calories per day in the winter. Why? Most of those calories are burned to keep their bodies warm!

Cruciferous vegetables. Google it to find out all the amazing edibles in this category. They contain a compound called indole-3-carbinol which helps our body to detoxify excess estrogen. Whether you’re a man or a woman, estrogen imbalances lead to weight gain, and actually many cancerous growths are encouraged by too much estrogen in our bodies. Pesticides on food and chemicals leeched from plastic food containers are just a couple influencers of high estrogen levels. Detoxing excess estrogen is also really good for your long term health.

As for the working out part, I’m sure you can get some good advice from a multitude of sources. Incorporating some of these diet and supplement strategies with working out can absolutely speed up results and make them much longer lasting.


Russ Marchewka’s commitment to better nutrition has earned him the nickname “Mr. Healthy” on the tour. He has spent the last eight years studying how nutrition affects his volleyball game. For more, visit his website, or connect with him on Facebook,

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