Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

Overheard AVP: November Edition

Just because we’re in the offseason doesn’t mean we don’t have more words of wisdom to share.

Overheard on Stadium Court

Fan 1: April and Alix are called the A-team because they’re the team to beat.

Fan 2: Sure, but it’s also because their names both start with the letter A.

Fan 1: What?…. Oh my god.

Spelling is hard sometimes.


Overheard in Underground Bar in Hermosa Beach

Person 1: Whoa, is that one of the McKibbin brothers?

Person 2: No, you’re drunk. That’s just a guy with a beard.

Must have been an amazing beard.


Overheard in Sponsor Village

Guy 1: If I was two inches taller I could’ve played professional volleyball.

Guy 2: Sure, if you were more coordinated, more athletic, harder-working…

Guy 1: Okay I get it, thank you.

Please continue, Guy 2.


Overheard in the stands

Girl 1: Why is this person with an AVP Staff badge sitting so close to us and writing everything down?

Girl 2: I don’t know, they’re probably looking for content.

You call it eavesdropping, we call it investigative journalism.


Overheard on Court 2

Husband: How do they know when to put the ball over the net?

Wife: You only get three touches per side.

Husband: So they’re just… counting the whole time?!

Math is hard sometimes.


Overheard in the stands

Fan 1: The Hammer Award has got to go to Falyn. So many ridiculous kills yesterday.

Fan 2: When are we voting for the Hammered Award?

Fan 1: I don’t know dude, but you’ll definitely win.

Which award would you rather have?


Overheard on the Strand on Hermosa Beach

Person 1: It’s 9am on a Tuesday and these people are casually playing volleyball. Why aren’t these people at work?

Person 2: That’s April Ross, 2-time Olympian. She IS at work.

Why aren’t YOU at work, Person 1?