Overheard AVP: October Edition

Overheard on Court 2

Friend 1: These players are so hot.

Friend 2: I know. I like that tall, tan one.

Friend 1: Really narrows it down, thanks.

Be more specific, Becky.

Overheard in Sponsor Village

Man 1: I think you should grow a beard like Maddison Mckibbin’s.

Man 2: You think that would look good on me?

Man 1: No, but at least it would cover most of your face.

Overheard on Stadium Court

Friend 1: Is that Chase Budinger?

Friend 2: I don’t think so, the NBA season is about to start. He’s probably busy.

Must be a doppelganger.

Overheard during the Semifinals

Husband: I keep hearing the words “service” and “spike” and…

Wife: And you’re thinking about alcohol again, aren’t you?

Husband: We’re in Hawaii, Janet.

It’s vacation, Janet. Hit the Kona tent and try to relax a little.

Overheard in the stands

Fan #1: Bloody Mary’s tomorrow at 7am before her 8am match.

Fan #2: Really? That’s early, even for us.

Fan #1: You know what happens if we don’t complete our Bloody Mary ritual…

Fan #2: Nothing happens. We literally have no effect on if she wins or loses.

We all have our superstitions.

Overheard in DJ Roueche’s booth

Marketing Staff Member: Why were the speakers out on the outer courts? Generator went out?

DJ Roueche: No. Someone unplugged our speaker to charge their iPhone.

Fans…if you see equipment plugged in, chances are we need it and it’s more important than your charge levels.