Ringing In The New Year With Your AVP Athletes

Celebrating the end of a year like 2020 is bittersweet. While a large part of me was elated to see it go, I also know 2020 was a defining year – a time where we all gained epic perspective and lived in gratitude. There was no other way to get through it, at least not with some semblance of happiness. The year was a rollercoaster… but you know that. And that’s not what we’re here for. 

The AVP recently released their End of Year video, an exquisitely-executed montage of the beautiful mess of the year. By the end, I felt all warm and fuzzy about the way we were able to salvage the bizarre start to our Roaring 20’s. I highly recommend checking it out. 

And once you’re done with that, take a gander at all the ways the athletes rang in the New Year. 

Phil Dalhausser could hardly be bothered to take his sunglasses all the way off for their family pic. But this guy has done enough in 2020: he won the Champions Cup AND got his 100th career win. Yeah, Phil – you don’t need to do anything else.

Alix Klineman and April Ross spent the day on the beach, as per usual. But instead of volleying, they worked on other skills. These Champions Cup Winners are in sync even in their handstand form. Impressive.

Riley and Maddison McKibbin sported excellent garb and got a “kiss on the papa Buddha’s head for some extra good luck this year.” The year 2020 brought the Beard Bros a fiance, a baby on the way, and a third-place on the Amazing Race. I’d say 2020 was okay for these two.

Kenzie Ponnet took a hike and summed up her year – “Well 2020, it’s been a pleasure (and sometimes a pain). Another year has come and gone. Full of adventure, challenge, and growth. Ready to take on the new challenges a new year brings.”

Lane Carico and Chaim Schalk celebrated their Fifth Anniversary. 💛

Tim Bomgren embraced a brand new look. 👨🏼

Ty Loomis contemplated life with a great view and even better companion. 🐶

Allie Wheeler also grew introspective and grateful for her year – “2020 has taught me that the only constant is change, forced me to slow down, allowed me to find my tribe, gave me the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, and made me more grateful than ever before for what I have.”