This past weekend, Russ Rose and the Penn State Women’s Volleyball Team won the NCAA National Championship. This gave Rose his 7th NCAA title as head coach. After this win, has Rose established himself as the best women’s volleyball coach to date? Read more about his dynasty in the Volleyball Magazine article:


That first season, in 1979, Russ Rose made $14,000 as the Penn State women’s volleyball head coach.

“I just turned 25,” Rose recalled. “I was happy I got a job. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t have an office. I didn’t have a telephone, I didn’t have anything. I had 16 or 18 classes to teach a year, no assistant coach. I thought I had a good deal.”

Penn State, as it turns out, had a good deal.

The 1979 Nittany Lions finished 32-9 and were not invited to the postseason, but Rose nonetheless got a raise.

A $400 raise.

“I was feeling good,” Rose said.

He’s feeling better now. Penn State plays BYU on Saturday night for the national title in the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship, and regardless of the outcome Rose has established himself as the greatest coach the women’s game has ever known.


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