Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

The AVP Avengers

Not all heroes wear capes — but these ones know how to move on the sand. Just look at the roster of athletes currently hitting the sand to fight for top spots in the AVP. And, yes, there’s this little movie coming out on Friday that you might’ve heard something about, so we’re just having a little Avengers: Endgame-style fun. Here are some of our picks for who belongs on The AVP Avengers squad:

Iron Man is heavily armored and literally has cannons built into his arms. That has Reid Priddy pretty much described. Thanks to his quick arm swing and on-the-ground power, he can thud the sand like a walking tank.




Captain America hasn’t aged a bit. He’s been a symbol for fighting hard and leading teams to victory for ages. While John Hyden can’t claim to have been around since World War II (or been frozen in the arctic for a couple of decades), he can still wallop opponents like a man half his age.



Black Widow is a deadly female assassin. Kinda like Sarah Sponcil. Blink at the wrong moment and you might miss Sarah pulling off some insane moves on the sand. So quick, she’s scary — and a serious threat all around the court.



Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with, a person who has overcome all odds. Though Betsi Flint doesn’t have a twin brother named Quicksilver (at least that we know of) and is anything but mean-spirited, her impressive over-on-two bump sets definitely requires some serious witchcraft.



Hulk is a massive guy filled with a rage that grants him otherworldly strength. Stafford Stick tends to flex to the crowd after a meaty block, making him the perfect pick for our favorite green man.



Spider-Man is our friendly hero that is as youthful as he is acrobatic. Though Chase Frishman doesn’t spend his free time web slingin’ throughout the city, his quick defense on the sand and agility makes him a tough player to beat – even if it does put him into some pretty weird layouts during a match.



Thor is a god that wields a mighty power and a presence that can’t be denied. While Jeremy Casebeer can’t command thunder, his jump serve is as quick as lighting. Plus, just look at that hair!



Last we checked, there’s no Thanos-level threat to taking this team down. Yet. If you were going to cast anyone from the AVP to join The AVP Avengers, who did we miss? Let us know on Twitter, FB and Instagram!