Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

The AVP Gold Series, NYC Open in Photos

Here at the AVP, we want everyone to go #BeachMode and experience an AVP event in person. However, even VIP tickets won’t get you access to the experience of being a staff member on tour. From event production and catering to referees and athletes, it takes a village to stage an incredible beach volleyball festival in diverse cities across the country. We are pulling back the curtain and giving you the chance to go behind the scenes with us at the AVP Gold Series in New York City.


DJ Roueche has the best seat in the house from the first match right down to the Finals.



Camryn, Kevin, and Dain don’t miss a play from up in the Amazon Booth. The trio is on camera from 9am to 7pm each and every tournament day.



Who could count all the memories made over countless shared hours between a coach and their team?



Amazon Prime Video edits and broadcasts live game footage to fans all over the world from the perfect-size satellite truck.


The women’s trophies wait to be claimed (by April and Alix, as it turns out). Wilson balls dipped in gold 😍


One must never, ever run out of Kona at an AVP tournament.


The McKibbin brothers use their down time to get on the other side of the camera.


The voice of every tournament, Mark Schuermann, gives us the play-by-play.  The man with the lens, Mpu Dinani, captures the play-by-play.


Shades on, game on, with DJ Roueche.


Amazon Prime Video gets a front row seat to April and Alix catching their breath on a time-out.  So does this stellar volunteer.