Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

The Ultimate Gold Series Watch Party

America loves the Super Bowl. Whether you’re there for the snacks, the game, or the commercials, as long as there’s a party, everyone becomes a football fan for the day. While the fall may be dedicated to the NFL, the summertime is beach volleyball territory, and beach volleyball is synonymous with the AVP.


Although each of the eight AVP events has its own flavor and unique experience, there are three events that top the charts. Together, they are known as the AVP Gold Series. It covers three weekends: the New York City Open (June 7-9), the Manhattan Beach Open (August 16- 18), and the Championships in Chicago (August 30- September 1). 

The best players in the world have the Gold Series marked on their calendars because of the increased prize money and prestige at stake. Plus, it’s the best party of the summer. If you can’t make it to the sand with us and are hoping to stay out of the sun, you can still join the experience! We’ve crafted the ultimate formula for throwing the greatest Gold Series watch party: 


Invite everyone.

  • Just like football, you don’t need to be an AVP fanatic to enjoy the Gold Series. With picturesque views behind the court, the excitement of the players and fans, and a quick overview of the rules, a killer swing can be appreciated by anyone. 

Set the mood (and the TV). 

  • This is the AVP Gold Series. Your guests need to be hyped and ready to cheer on the players from the couch. Luckily, AVP has that covered. While guests are arriving, play our AVP Gold Series playlist on Spotify to set the tone for the rest of the party. Also, prepare your Amazon Prime Video for streaming ahead of time to avoid the stress.  

Deck out the living room. 

  • Give your living room a temporary metallic makeover, by using gold balloons and/or gold tinsel as wall decorations. Place some gold-wrapped candies in glass bowls on your ottoman and use gold paper plates and cups. You’re not just watching the Gold Series, you’re living in it. 

Make the drinks.

  • Bring the salty air and crashing waves to your living room, with a light, icy cocktail (try this: the Hurricane). Once you craft your perfect summer cocktail, give it an AVP-inspired name (Ex: The Mermaid’s Spike).  

Get the snacks, obviously. 

  • For this party, we challenge you to go a step beyond your chips and dip comfort zone and add some summer favorites to your snack spread. Take watermelon to the next level, and make a watermelon pizza or try watermelon AVP-style. Cut your watermelon into circular slices and use whipped cream to add the lines of a volleyball (It’s Instagram-able and tasty!). 

Create a friendly competition.

  • While the tournaments are exciting, starting a little betting pool can also amp up the fun. As the tournaments go on, use a white board to track everyone’s predictions for which two teams will take home the golden trophy. As a prize, reward your winner with a new Wilson volleyball. 


With these tips, your AVP Gold Series watch party is bound to become an annual get-together. And, don’t forget, invite us to the party! Share the fun of your watch party using #AVPGoldSeries on social.