Recently, Viral Patel of The Cauldron, wrote an article about the most popular athlete alive today. In the end, he crowned Cristiano Ronaldo king. That’s pretty difficult to disagree with. The man is worth something like $250 million dollars and don’t we all agree soccer is the most popular sport on earth?

It’s not the predicable result, but the data Patel discovered that you should be interested in. He cites this article as a base for sport popularity worldwide. The numbers weren’t based on sport participants, but fans.  The top five was a bit surprising from a Western perspective, other than the obvious soccer and cricket. The break down:

The Most Popular Sports in the World

  1. Soccer
  2. Cricket
  3. Field Hockey
  4. Tennis
  5. Volleyball

Volleyball before Football (American), Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. Patel’s reaction sums it up:

“Wait, field hockey and volleyball?! I mean, I’ve caught some volleyball games during the Summer Olympics, but I am guessing few Americans recognize those sports as that popular.”


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Photo cred: Business Insider