What are the Athletes Up To this Preseason?

January means getting reacquainted with the sand, partner announcements, and much more. Check out what the athletes are up to early this year.

A bunch of players went to the College Football Playoff at SoFi (see above), courtesy of ESPN. There was a pop-up beach court next to the massive ESPN tailgate where some of your favorite AVP athletes played a little friendly coed fours. One male Olympian may have six-packed another female Olympian in the face, but that’s a story for another time.

Speaking of male Olympians, Chaim Schalk and Tri Bourne made the official Insta announcement of their partnership and coach selection.

Meanwhile, Bourne’s former partner Trevor Crabb took to Instagram for his usual underhanded shade. Crabb posted a brutal but hilarious video sequence of his new partner Theo Brunner stuff-blocking his former partner Bourne in a couple of 2022 matches. And so the social media abuse begins.

Speaking of official announcements, Andy Benesh made his romantic relationship with Deahna Kraft Instagram-official in mid-January. The carousel of pics is about as cute as can be. And everyone know, any relationship that involves a camel ride in the first year is destined for success.

Speaking of cute couples, a slew of AVP lovers have been enjoying their offseason together.

Larissa and Lili make time between training to get dressed up and go on a date together. Geena Urango and Eric Beranek are currently on a volleyball vacation in Mexico. Savvy Simo and Evan Cory just got back from a different volley vacation! If you’re curious about what these raucous party trips are, check them out. They’re awesome. Also – fun fact – Urango and Beranek started dating on one of these trips in early 2020.

Simo and Cory took their volleyball partners – Logan Webber and Toni Rodriguez – along for the ride. Looks like all four athletes had the time of their lives.

Back at home, players are getting back on the sand after an offseason hiatus, like Betsi Flint. She’s shouldering a lot in her first week of practice, balancing mom-life like a champ.

Molly Turner returned from visiting her fiancé in Germany. Though she continued training at an indoor beach facility in Germany, Turner seems thrilled to return to beach volleyball heaven in the South Bay.

Zana Muno is also back in action after taking a holiday break. She’s also happy, albeit maybe a bit sleepier.

Kyle Friend and Troy Field are already back at it, having earned 2nd Place at the recent King of the Court tournament in Doha. And, of course, when in Doha, Friend must enjoy the local activities.

But the absolute most important AVP update: Carly Kan got a Frenchie. I know I said Benesh and Kraft had a cute carousel of pictures, but they have nothing on Hazy. Stop everything and scroll through the pics. I promise your day will improve.


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