What Are The AVP Athletes Up To?

We are quickly approaching summer. Everything is thawing out and warming up. Teams are forming, hitting the ground running, and playing in real life tournaments. We’re stoked for all that’s to come, and happy that the AVP athletes are one step closer to being back on the sand, on our screens, and in our cities. 


Let’s check in on a few of them and see what they’re doing – both volleyball and otherwise – leading up to the much anticipated 2021 season.

Sheila Shaw bought her dream home!

A bunch of AVP Men are playing CrossNet. And posting the same promotional video…😆

Melissa Humana-Paredes won an informal (but star-studded) Exhibition Tournament hosted at the iconic 16th St. in Hermosa Beach.

Molly Turner and Kenzie Ponnet are winning real tournaments complete with longboard trophies in San Antonio, Texas!

Tri Bourne is ruminating over his devastating loss in the Men’s Country Quota on February 18, working to put that behind him and turn his attention back to the grind.

Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil are #winning, making it through the Women’s Country Quota to continue their quest for Tokyo 2020 in Doha, Qatar starting March 8, 2021.

April Ross cut out drinking and is blogging a ton!

Eric Beranek is making margs and suggestive Tik Tok videos with his new partner and longtime bestie Troy Field. 

Reid Priddy is growing the game through team-based, volleyball-inspired sand workouts with INSAND. Check back soon for an in-depth look at what this 4-time indoor Olympian is doing on our beach.

Brandie Wilkerson is training in Rio, wearing Princess Leia headphones and flowy dresses in her down time.

Betsi Flint is taking care of her new baby who’s already one month old!

Taylor Crabb is hydrating, repping his home state of Hawaii, and giving back with his new sponsorship.

Kim Hildreth is doing all the things – nutrition, mindfulness, and health coaching, not to mention tons of Florida tournaments. She’s got a podcast and everything! See what she’s doing on all her socials.