Billy Allen

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2004

Athlete Information

Hometown Fallbrook, CA
Height 6'2
Birthday October 15, 1981

Billy Allen grew up in Fallbrook, California, playing beach volleyball with his family in Oceanside. After an undecorated indoor career as a setter at Cal State Northridge—when Billy would sneak away to play beach before home matches—he qualified for his first AVP tournament with fellow Matador, the legendary Ty Tramblie. Billy became a consistent main draw player with on-again-off-again partner Braidy Halverson. From there, it was a long, upward climb until he won his first AVP tournament, 2016’s Seattle Open with Theo Brunner. Billy defended his Seattle title the following year, carrying Stafford Slick to his first and only championship in 2017.

Billy is married to fellow AVP pro Janelle Allen. In 2020 she forced him to move from sunny California to her hometown in North Idaho. Always up for a challenge, Billy trains in the snowy Pacific Northwest and travels to compete in tournaments. The couple has their hands full with their spirited son, Ketch, who can be heard at most tournaments. Off the court, Billy stays busy with his Coach Your Brains Out podcast and writing books, including Coach Your Brains Out, The Inner Knight, Good Blood, Dark Blood, and the upcoming conclusion, Royal Blood. His favorite food is buffets, favorite movie is Rocky, and he doesn’t listen to music; he listens to Bob Dylan. You can follow Billy’s adventures at BillyKetchAllen.com.