Brian Bomgren

Player Information

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Birthdate: October 6, 1983
  • Hometown: Woodbury, MN
  • College: Bethel University

Best Finish

  • AVP: 3rd
  • International:
  • Overall: 3rd

Brian Bomgren is one of three sets of brothers on the AVP Pro Tour, playing with his brother Tim Bomgren.

What are your pre-game rituals?
Eat an hour plus before the game – I’m always hungry otherwise.
Get plenty of digs and swings in and always make sure to poke fun at my brother’s sets.

If you weren’t playing professional volleyball, what would your job be?
Hmm, well I work full time as a quantitative portfolio manager for an asset management company (Thrivent) in Minnesota already. I’d probably still be doing this if I wasn’t playing volleyball.

Off-Season: Does it actually exist or is it just a myth?
Well, 6 months of the year we have snow in MN… During that 6 months my training consists primarily of doing deadlifts and pull-ups in my basement. I believe we observe a fairly long off season. However, I have pondered utilizing the beach court in my backyard year round starting next winter, albeit as an ice skating rink for my kids.