Brittany Tiegs

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season N/A

Athlete Information

Hometown Jensen Beach, FL
Height 5'9"
Birthday September 30, 1991

What is your guilty pleasure television show or musical artist?
Vikings. Ragnor Lothbrook!!!

Off-Season: Does it actually exist or is it just a myth?
It definitely exists. It’s a time to play with different players and experiment with your game. At times to rest your body, and to fix or better parts of your game that you noticed were off during the season. There is more going on off season than during season for sure.

What is your favorite event location?
New York was amazing. At the edge of such an amazing city on the end of a pier with the skyline next to you. Being from a small beach town in Florida where everything is flat and 1 story, it was a really great experience.